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Abu Nidal reportedly worked for the CIA and MOSSAD

Abu Nidal.

Robert Fisk, in The Independent, 25 October 2008, tells us about Abu Nidal.

Reportedly, Abu Nidal, was a spy for the USA.

Documents which are now in the hands of The Independent (Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy'), written by Saddam Hussein's security services, state that Nidal had been "colluding" with the Americans and, with the help of the Egyptians and Kuwaitis, was trying to manufacture evidence linking Saddam and al-Qa'ida.

In 1974, Abu Nidal set up Fatah, thus weakening Arafat's PLO. This worked in the interests of Israel.

(Abu Nidal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A former senior Jordanian intelligence officer said: "Scratch around inside Abu Nidal's organization and you will find Mossad." (The Truth Seeker - Abu Nidal - Mossad terrorist)

Backing up these reports was a former member of Abu Nidal's own Justice Committee, who told Seale that Mossad agents captured by Abu Nidal were usually killed very quickly to prevent them from confessing their true motives.

Abu Iyad, former chief of PLO Intelligence, added, "Every Palestinian who works in intelligence is convinced that Israel has a big hand in Abu Nidal's affairs." (Abu Nidal - Mossad terrorist)

Abu Nidal's attacks included:

*1978 His "Black June" movement blamed for murdering PLO members in London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Kuwait and Rome.

*1984 Jordanian airliner attacked by rocket on take-off from Athens.

*1985 Egyptian airliner hijacked – six passengers murdered and 60 killed when the plane is stormed by Egyptian commandos.

*1986 At least 20 passengers and crew are killed when Pan Am jet hijacked in Karachi.

*1988 Nine killed and 98 wounded when gunmenattack the Greek cruise ship the City of Poros.

Robert Fisk: The Two Deaths of Abu Nidal



Anonymous said...

Correction, it is called Black September not Black June. This organisation was established after the events of September 1970 in Jordan where the PLO was kicked out of Jordan.

Anon said...

Abu Nidal originally chose the name Black June for the group.

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