Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarkozy, gay men, Jerusalem and an obscene hand gesture.

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Jean Sarkozy's TV appearances "have attracted a big following from middle class teenage girls and gay men, who have opened internet fan sites". (French President's son Jean Sarkozy takes the reins - Times Online)

Tall blond Jean Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa, 22, is reportedly the son of small dark Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France.

Jean Sarkozy's mother is Nicolas Sarkozy's first wife Marie Culioli, the daughter of a Corsican chemist.

Jean Sarkozy has married Jessica Sebaoun-Darty.

Jessica is a Jewish heiress from the family that founded the Darty electronic stores.

Jessica's parents are Isabelle Maruani (née Darty) and Marc-André Sebaoun

Jean Sarközy is head of the center-right UMP party group in the wealthy suburb of Neuilly.

There had been rumours that Jean Sarkozy, nominally a Catholic, would convert to Judaism and had visited Jerusalem for religious instruction.

Nicolas Sarkozy's maternal grandfather was a Jew.

A cartoonist at the magazine Charlie Hebdo, Maurice Sinet, wrote that Jean Sarkozy would "go far in life" if he became a Jew. Sinet was sacked.

Jean Sarkozy faced a hit-and-run charge after failing to respond to insurance claims following a scooter accident.

A Mr Bellouti "accused Sarkozy of running into the back of his car in the Place de la Concorde, making an obscene hand gesture and then riding away.

"He also says the Paris police obstructed his efforts to trace the scooter's owner after they discovered that he was the son of the interior minister and future president." - Poll: Jean Sarkozy's groin - celebrity survey


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