Sunday, September 28, 2008


Paul Newman whose father was Jewish and whose mother was born to a Slovak Catholic family.

"Paul Newman and Gore Vidal shared ... Joanne Woodward, in the late 1950s, living as a happy threesome for a while. Paul and Gore remained close throughout the '60s, until Gore's live-in "husband" got him to vamoose for Italy and away from the sultry arms of the box-office star.

"Paul took Robert Wagner as a lover sometime in the early 1960s, after Wagner was dumped by his wife Natalie Wood. In turn, Newman dumped "Babs" (Wagner's nickname given to him by the denizens of the New York transvestite demimonde he loved to flock with) in the late '60s, after New Blue Eyes became the top box office star in America (1968-70, ranking #1 twice). His disdain for Babs' TV career bled over into Newman's relations with rival (on the queen scene) James Garner." - Deep Inside the Hollywood Closet: Rumor Mill Implicates Paul ...

Bisexual Hollywood?

Palin: from Baywatch to White House

"The OMU is a charitable organisation affiliated to the Knights of the Order of Malta, who have been linked with funding the Contras, and other dubious activities. That didn’t stop 16 hacks attending the ball, and five of them ending up in bed together." - Top Tory Michael Gove and a five-in-a-bed Oxford 'romp'

How Cameron's secretive donors bet on the collapse of Bradford & Bingley

Salmond targets Qatar for cash

Crime figures drop to 25-year low

Tories promise 3,000 independent schools in parent power revolution

Labour’s glee at the fall of HBOS risks backfiring

Call to sack HBOS directors


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