Friday, September 05, 2008

The overthrow of Pakistan presidents by the CIA

Ayub Khan

Ali.mostaque left this comment on the post "PAKISTAN TO BE BROKEN UP?":

The infringement of sovereignty of a nuclear power!

A nation with 800,000 men under arms; with American military bases in Pakistan; with their agents roaming the country looking for their fictionally created al-Qaeda; a nation through which all the supplies for Afghanistan go-----the sheer Chutzpah!

Yes Musharaf was toppled by the Americans, as verified by the intensity of visits by American officials to that country just prior to him being toppled.

The militarymen in Pakistan don't learn their lesson do they, in that country?

1)Field Marshal Ayub Khan 1969 (who went public about negative American involvement in the 1965 elections)toppled------then the country breaks up in a civil this familiar ?

They don't learn.

2) General Zia Ur Rahman, the man who put down the Palestinian Uprising in Jordan 1970, and bought to power in 1977 to teach Bhutto a lesson......killed, along with the entire top brass of Pakistan, sacrificing an American Ambassador, and Brigadier General from the American Army.

They don't learn.

3) Musharaf brought to power, by who else, in 1999. Did their bidding exactly, gave them Pakistanis to be tortured, raped, humiliated, and murdered,......and much much more, but the man loved the Western media and limelight too much......couldn't shut or two words here there, in the wrong place......displeased his he had to go.

They don't learn.

They do not learn, even though they had clear evidence that Israel has been trying to get at the Pakistan bomb for 30 years, through America and India. They do not learn, but instead facilitate Mossad in Pakistan in the 1980's. They do not learn.

Common sense: Friendship between a staunchly overt Muslim country, founded on Islam, with Jewish dominated America is impossible, with its strong racist undertones. If a relationship between such nations exist, there can only be one relationship, that between a master and an obedient servant. And then even the obedient servant can be punished as with the above.

If you do not react like the Russian to your infringment of national sovereignty as in Georgia, then you are asking for a lot of trouble. More of the same, only bigger and better.

What to do?

1) Send all foreign agents out of your country.

2) Close all American bases in Pakistan, and send 50,000 men stationed on the FATA/Afghan border.

3) Blockade Afghanistan.

4) Tell the world that Osama is long dead, and that al-Qaeda is a fake front for Western and Israeli intelligence.

So can the Pakistanis save their nation?


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