Saturday, September 13, 2008

Iain Gray


Iain Gray (born 1957) is the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

Gray is Member of the Scottish Parliament for East Lothian.

Gray was educated at the exclusive private school called George Watson's College.

Some private schools are suspected of being recruiting grounds for members of the security services.

Gray is linked to the botched Scottish parliament elections in 2007, when thousands of ballots were discarded.

Gray was a special adviser in the Scotland Office in the run-up to the election.

A senior Labour figure was quoted by The Daily Record (Scottish Labour leader. ) as saying of Gray: "He must have advised then Scottish secretary Douglas Alexander about the election and things like the ballot paper but it ended up a total disaster.

"You've got to ask yourself whether someone so heavily involved in an almighty cock-up is the right person to lead Labour in Scotland."

According to The Scotsman, Gray wants Labour to ‘team up’ with the Conservatives to try and beat the SNP.


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