Monday, September 29, 2008


Who is Branko Gora Marinkovic Jovicevic?

Some of the Bolivian media suggest that Marinkovic is trying to start a civil war to create a breakaway country, just as Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

"They also insinuate that Marinkovic's late father, Silvio, was connected to Ustashe members who fled to South America along with their Nazi patrons." - Magnate leads rebellion in Bolivia's east

CIA, Mossad behind Damascus bombing

Arab papers see Israel behind deadly Syria bomb

Venezuela: Probe Reveals Complex Coup Plot

6 more charged over alleged coup plot in Turkey

Austrians back anti-EU rhetoric at the polls

Bloc Québécois covers up its support for the Harper Conservative government

Ecuador's poor bank on referendum

Correa hails 'crushing victory' in constitutional referendum

Contradictory verdicts in Australia's largest terrorism trial

In the Guardian, 26 September 2008, the Lloyds chairman, Sir Victor Blank, said that he had entered negotiations with the HBOS boss Andy Hornby two years ago.

Blank says he then got Gordon Brown's agreement for a suspension of the competition regulations which would have made a merger between those two giants unlawful.

"Why weren't shares in HBOS suspended under stock exchange rules on merger talks? Why did the Financial Services Authority announce on the very morning of HBOS's demise that it was 'well-capitalised and solvent'? And why was the ban on short selling, and the extra Bank of England's extended liquidity scheme, delayed until after the deal had been struck? You don't have to be a Nationalist conspiracy theorist to see all this as highly questionable." - Labour’s glee at the fall of HBOS risks backfiring

SNP outlines defence policy

"A recent speech by the Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell revealed a subtle shift in emphasis. "Well, of course Scotland could survive as an independent country," he suggested." - Cameron plans a clever game of cat and mouse on independence


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