Sunday, September 07, 2008


Jonas Brothers: No sex, no drugs, just rock’n’roll

"Whichever Jonas it is, has evidently been dating a much older guy from The Jonas Brothers' home town of Wyckoff, New Jersey for several months. AND according to the rumors, this Jonas isn't exactly a virgin like they all claim to be. Their father is a former pastor, and sources say the Jonas family fears they may loose their core audience and their lucrative contract with Disney when the truth comes out." - Is one of the Jonas Brothers gay and ready to come out?.

"Ivan Lewis, a 41-year-old Health Minister, issued a statement apologising for sending dozens of mobile phone text messages to Susie Mason, a 24-year-old assistant who worked in his private office in Whitehall... Last month, to the fury of Cabinet Ministers, the Blairite MP used a newspaper article to urge the Prime Minister to impose a ‘supertax’ on high earners..." -Minister: 'I'm sorry for texts to girl, 24'

MPLA look set for Angola poll win

Scots hideaway for bungling spies who knew too much.

"Michael Spencer, 53, a close personal friend of David Cameron and one of the City’s most influential men, confirmed last month that he was separating from his wife Lorraine after 25 years. Although sources close to the couple insisted they were not divorcing, The Mail on Sunday has learned that Mr Spencer is involved in a serious relationship with Sarah, Marchioness of Milford Haven." - The Tory treasurer and the Marchioness: Cameron's billionaire friend has affair with former wife of Queen's cousin

Anger at fake Sarah Palin photos as smear campaign makes her 'look like a stripper'

MP calls for new Kelly death probe after MoS revelations cast doubt on whether he was able to kill himself

'CIA helped draw up dodgy Iraq war dossier for No 10'

The map that reveals how long you will have to wait until your house price recovers

Ripper's reign of terror 'began 25 years earlier'

Lockerbie bomber declares innocence on TV from prison

A UK couple who sold chemicals that are legal in the UK have been held on remand - The long arm of American law

Sex crazy Dragon's Den star's life of lust

Mandelson official in cash for secrets scandal

UK police 'obstructed' Julie Ward murder probe

Sir Ian Blair may be questioned over corruption

Al-Qaeda's American-born propaganda chief Adam Gadahn may have died in predator attack


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