Monday, September 22, 2008

Darien and Scottish power

Scottish and Newcastle

Some suspect there is a conspiracy to undermine the Scottish economy and prevent Scotland from becoming independent.

1. Scotland has enormous oil wealth and it pays its own way.

The London government and the London media have repeatedly lied about this.

aangirfan: Scotland pays its own way / aangirfan: SCOTTISH OIL RESERVES EXCEED ESTIMATES

2. In 2003, the Herald newspaper, based in Scotland, was taken over by the American company Gannett (Newsquest).

Since then the editorial staff has been cut from 186 to 113.

In July 2008, the editor of the Herald newspaper, left his job.

Today's Herald is full of anti-Scottish and pro-American propaganda.

The media can block out the truth

3. In 2001, Scottish Provident was taken over by the English Abbey National.

4. In 2007, Scottish Power was taken over by Spanish company Iberdrola

5. In 2007, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries was taken over by Carlsberg.

6. In 2008, it was announced that Halifax - Bank of Scotland was to be taken over by the English Lloyds TSB.

Scottish Colony

One of the biggest setbacks for the Scottish economy came just before Scotland lost its independence in 1707.

Scotland's Darien Scheme involved the setting up of a Scottish colony on the Isthmus of Panama in the hope of trading with both the East and the West. (the same principle later led to the building of the Panama Canal.)

The English Government did everything it could to make the scheme fail.

English investors withdrew their money.

English ships were forbidden to help the colonists.


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