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It would appear that it was both Israel and the USA that tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967.

The objective of this false flag operation was to provide an excuse to attack Egypt.

The following appeared in MILITARY HISTORY BOOK REVIEW MH-122 December 2003

"President Lyndon B. Johnson and some key officials, seeing the increasingly Soviet-leaning Egyptian President Gamel Abdel Nasser as a threat, made secret arrangements to help Israel in its coming June offensive with the intention of toppling Nasser.

"As part of Operation Cyanide, USS LIBERTY was sent to operate off the Sinai coast, where it was to be sunk with all hands by unmarked Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats, after which the United States would blame the attack on Egypt and launch carrier airstrikes against Cairo...

"The stubborn refusal of LIBERTY'S crew to die or let their ship sink after 75 minutes of air and sea attack - in spite of two American carrier sorties to aid her being inexplicably called back - led to the cancellation of Operation Cyanide, Israel's apology and offer of restitution for a 'tragic mistake,' the Johnson Administration's swift acceptance of that explanation and an equally quick, reassuring 'hot line' telephone call to Soviet premierAlexei Kosygin." -

Information about Operation Cyanide has been uncovered by former BBC investigative journalist Peter Hounam. Allegedly, the American plan was to sink the Liberty and blame Russia and Egypt.

According to an article in American free Press, "It now it appears that American political, intelligence and military persons played a key role in setting up the Liberty...The plan... was to sink the defenseless, unarmed American ship sailing in international waters off the coast of Egypt. The Soviets and their Arab allies (in particular Egypt) would then be blamed for the event.” - American Free Press , Liberty Attack Part Of Grand Scheme


OPERATION CYANIDE: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World WarIII, by Peter Hounam, Vision, a division of Satin Publications, Ltd, London,2003, $24.95



The Realist Report said...

Thanks for pointing this out Aangirfan, I was unaware of this aspect of the USS Liberty. It certainly does not surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I just also caught this....
Have read some of your work too, John.
Ya'll have the voice, I believe I have vision. Let's collaborate! Tie this information in with:
1.johnson, conduct as known (rumored) Also this...The reason he was so loyal to Israel lies within his own ethnicity. It appears that he and his wife were secretly Jewish.
2. daddy mccain
3. Recent work essentially showing bush whom I insist is crypto-jew earning his "wings" in the coup d'├ętat
Thus really covers the 4-5 issues the last President of our Republic was Assassinated over, all related to khazars.
After this putsch the pace of jewification..democracy quickened.

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