Thursday, August 21, 2008


Al-Megrahi was granted leave to appeal against his conviction in the Lockerbie bomb case.

* One of the “secret” grounds of referral of the convicted Libyan national’s case back to the appeal court has been revealed to be the fact that crucial information in the possession of the CIA that is related to the timer issue was withheld from the Defense; (The timer was reportedly evidence that was PLANTED by the security services)

* Another of the “secret” grounds of appeal has now been revealed to be the offer of a huge payment by the CIA to the Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci, a key witness of the prosecution, for identifying the Libyan Al-Megrahi as the one who bought clothes in his shop in Malta;

* The Libyan-US double agent Abdul Majid Giaka had similarly been offered a huge amount for his testimony as a prosecution witness;

* At least two forensic “experts” who were invited as witnesses by the Prosecution had links to intelligence agencies and were proven to be totally unreliable;

* One of the directors of the “Lockerbie Trial Briefing Unit” at the University of Glasgow which was set up at the beginning of the trial with the purpose of providing expert legal information to the interested public, was exposed by the British media as a member of British intelligence and had to step down. - Lockerbie trial : an intelligence operation? New revelation about financial offer to a key witness from Switzerland...

The UK high court has ruled that the British security services helped in the unlawful detention and the interrogation of a UK resident Binyan Mohamed detained in Pakistan six years ago.

The court ordered the foreign secretary to hand over information that could support Binyan's case that he was tortured in Pakistan and Morocco before being sent to Guantánamo Bay.

Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones found that the British security service "facilitated interviews by or on behalf of the United States incommunicado and without access to a lawyer in Pakistan" in 2002. The detention was unlawful under Pakistani law, the judges said. - UK colluded in unlawful detention of terror suspect

Bolivian opposition protests in regional capitals

Turkish energy minister to visit Iran

"Consider the fact that after Oliver Cromwell allowed Jews back into England again for the first time, for financing his war machine in the English civil war from Holland, they slowly helped build up the British empire." - Disappearing America.

"Algerian officials defect and blame Algerian intelligence for sponsoring all the attacks." - How Algeria created their "aL Qaeda" cell

Lockerbie prosecutor installed as area PF


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