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American trained General Prabowo is said to be a friend of the CIA.

Domingos Guterres, from East Timor, alleges that in 1989 he was tortured for 35 days by soldiers under General Prabowo's command. Guterres claims General Prabowo personally carried out acts of torture.

In the 1983 Kraras massacres in East Timor, about 300 people are believed to have been buried in mass graves after a series of executions that the locals say were carried out under General Prabowo. ( Torture evidence mounts against Indonesian general )

Prabowo is again in the news.

Video: Bachir TV advert

Presidential elections will be held in Indonesia in 2009.

Indonesia is the world's biggest Moslem nation and it is the world's 4th biggest nation in terms of population.

Indonesia guards important sea lanes and has important mineral wealth and a large military.

President Yudhoyono will seek a second term, while his predecessor Megawati Sukarnoputri will also run again.

Two other people who want to become president are Soetrisno Bachir and alleged torturer General Prabowo Subianto. ( Self Promotion Strategies )

Bachir is using TV advertising.

"As of early June 2008, a survey institute, the Lembaga Riset Indonesia (LRI), found Bachir’s 'popularity' had rocketed from 20%, pre-advertising blitz, to 54%. [1] ( Self Promotion Strategies )

Video: Prabowo advert

Lieutenant General Prabowo Subianto, the leader of the new nationalist political party Partai Gerakan Indonesia Raya (Gerindra), is also using television. (Self Promotion Strategies)

In one advertisement Prabowo, as chairman of the Farmers’ Federation, "is shown strolling about fields chatting with, and listening to, men on the land."

Prabowo speaks of his calling to serve the nation.

It has been alleged that the CIA used General Prabowo to topple President Suharto.

In 1998, when Suharto was apparently toppled by the CIA, one of the key generals was Prabowo, son of Dr. Sumitro Djojohadikusumo, a former Finance Minister, said to have once worked with the British and the Americans against Sukarno.

Prabowo learnt about terrorism at Fort Bragg and Fort Benning in the US. General Prabowo and terror (

In May 1998, Prabowo was commander of Kostrad, the strategic reserve, the regiment Suharto commanded when he took power in 1965.

Prabowo's friend Muchdi ran Kopassus (special forces) and his friend Sjafrie ran the Jakarta Area Command.

The American Defence Secretary, William Cohen, was in Jakarta in January 1998 and he visited Prabowo.

The CIA chief had also been a recent visitor to Jakarta. The CIA and the Pentagon were close to Prabowo. (



Ali.mostaque said...

I read your google blog now and then whoever you are.

You seem to have a fixation with the CIA, bit like mine with Jews.

And I think I am detecting some 'Jew' games here on this site......on the one hand I like doing that.....but on the other hand if I'm simply surfing to get a good read, its tedious.

If you are an intelligence front, you seem to be attracting very little comments for a site which has been going on for so long, with such extensive coverage. Who's this all for?

Don't do a Valerie Palme on me will you!

Anon said...

Dear ali.mostaque

If we were an intelligence front, our blog would not be mentioning Lockerbie and heroin in the same article.

You might find it interesting to study the Mossad influence in Jakarta and with Koppasus.

Kindest regards


Ali.mostaque said...

Dear Anon,

It is well known what influence the Mossad has in the 'largest Muslim country'. From my understanding most of the false flag ops in that country were their work.

Not really surprising given the level of Mossad influence in India as well, another Asian giant. I mean Indians sell themselves as being more sophisticated people, and here they are developing close relations with that wretched country and its organizations. I just wonder how long it will take for the Indians to figure out that all those false flags ops blamed on the ISI most probably are the work of the Israelis.

Indonesia is not a sphere of geography I am that interested in, security wise. Its a desperately poor nation which is owned and run by outside predatory powers.....using the usual local idiots.I hope they do succeed eventually as a nation and as a people.

I do nearly all my writing about South Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, and the West in general.


Aercan said...

Dear Anon,
I'm quite interestered in indonesia matters,in you blog you
mentioned that 'It has been alleged that the CIA used General Prabowo to topple President Suharto.' could you show me some details about it .I will be appreciate.

Anon said...

Dear Aercan,

In May 1998, Prabowo was commander of Kostrad, the strategic reserve. Prabowo's friend Muchdi ran Kopassus (special forces) and his friend Sjafrie ran the Jakarta Area Command.

Journalist Allan Nairn wrote:

"General Prabowo's units ... were ... in close and friendly liaison with U.S. intelligence. Reached at his Jakarta home the night after Prabowo was replaced, Colonel Chaiwaran, the Group 4 commander, confirmed to me that he deals with Col. Charles McFetridge, the Defense Intelligence Agency (D.I.A.) attache at the U.S. Embassy, with whom, he said, he speaks in Indonesian... ABRI people say he has said that Group 4's men have been trained by U.S. intelligence, a claim that U.S. officials privately confirm."

The events of May 1998 appear to have been organised by the US-trained military.

In East Jakarta, a security officer reported that Kopassus officers organised the burning of a bank; a taxi driver reported someone in a military helicopter encouraging people on the ground to loot shops in South Jakarta; shop-owners at a Plaza in West Jakarta said that prior to the riots, the military tried to collect millions of rupiahs in protection money; a teenager reported that the military had trained him as a protester along with thousands of others; a street child said that Kopassus officers gave him money and ordered him to become a rioter; one report spoke of soldiers being dressed up as students and taking part in rioting; eyewitnesses spoke of muscular men with short haircuts arriving in military-style trucks and directing attacks; there were reports of children being encouraged to enter malls and then of the malls being set on fire; the people who gang-raped and murdered little Chinese girls were reported to be muscular men with short haircuts.

Kindest regards


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