Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sarah Palin naked? :: Hollywood Newsroom

"In Colombia, the corporate media tend emphatically to leave every stone unturned when un-reporting the narco-terror connections of Alvaro Uribe's corrupt, murderous regime.

"'In Latin America, Obama supports the Colombian military, riddled with drug lords... Beyond that, he has been out of step and out of touch with the winds of democratic change sweeping Latin America.'" - Latin America & Obama

Obama to push for more EU troops in Afghanistan

Officer 'had death threats from Met'

Bolivia's Morales calls constitutional referendum

"Some analysts believe there is little real regional co-ordination between extremist groups. Our correspondent says Morocco has been accused of over-dramatising the threat it faces from extremists, to benefit from support from the US and Europe." - Morocco 'breaks terror network'

Turkey’s newly appointed chief of General Staff, Gen. Ilker Basbug said on 28 August 2008: "Our cooperation with the U.S. army is on a perfect level. It is one of our most important duties to preserve this cooperation since Turkey-United States relations have gained further importance." - Turkey’s media surprised by Basbug’s assessment of US

Pakistan jets kill 40 Taliban in new fighting

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