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Palestinians armed with interesting weapons -

We once knew a wealthy Egyptian school student who was very angry about the treatment of Palestinians.

He was a very decent and polite student but he said he would, in theory, be prepared to fight for the Palestinians.

He was not the brightest or best informed of students.

He was somewhat naive about the machinations of the security services, who like to entangle naive militants in their plots.

We are no longer in contact with that student, who is now probably living peacefully in Egypt.


A Yorkshire (England) schoolboy called Munshi has become Britain's youngest convicted terrorist. (Guilty: Britain's youngest ever terrorist, 16, who had guide to ...)

Reportedly, Munshi became interested in terrorism while aged 15 and studying for his GCSEs.

Reportedly, he surfed 'jihadist' websites (which are often run by the CIA, Mossad and MI6).

Reportedly, Munshi set up a website which referred to bombs, detonators, Napalm and using machine guns.

(He sounds like one of those white Americans who love guns)

Munshi was arrested at the age of 16.

Two young Muslims from Yorkshire, called Khan and Muhammad, 'planned the creation of Islamic state in Scotland' (Muslims Planned Creation Of Islamic State In Scotland (from The ...)

(We know a Scottish Muslim who reads the Sun and whose daughters wear short skirts.)

Munshi, now 18, was in court with Khan and Muhammad.

"They denied 13 counts of alleging possessing articles for a purpose connected with terrorism and making a record of information likely to be useful in terrorism between November 23 2005, and June 20 the following year."

Simon Denison, prosecuting, said that in Muhammad's bedroom police found "dummy ammunition", a library of DVDs and CDs packed with propaganda, an SAS handbook, maps, photographs of a smiling Osama bin Laden.

Is Muhammad one of the small minority of Muslims who have not yet discovered that Osama worked for the CIA?

Or was the photograph planted by certain people? Do the police plant evidence in order to frame people?

Mr Denison said the MSN exchange between Khan and Muhammad about the secret Islamic state in Scotland occurred on November 12 2005.

(Sounds like an MI5 plot to discredit the Scottish Nationalists?)

He told jurors it began with Muhammad explaining how he and work colleagues had allegedly been chatting about emigration for Muslims feeling oppressed in Britain.

He then said: "So like maybe a remote part of Scotland - people were like 'What the hell?' - at least to a place where there were Muslim communities."


The classic false flag operation was aimed against the Irish and took place in the 1880s during the reign of Britain's Queen Victoria.

Nationalists in Ireland wanted independence from Britain.

The British government devised a false flag operation to discredit the Irish nationalists, including their leader in Parliament Charles Stewart Parnell.

During the 1860s and 1870s, there were 'terrorist' Irish-American groups. One such group was the Fenian Brotherhood, Clan na Gael, an Irish-American secret society.

However, British Intelligence officers used the Fenian Brotherhood to stir up violence against British targets, so as to discredit the Irish nationalists.

The Jubilee Plot 1887

British government ministers, led by Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, decided:

(1) to use a double-agent Francis Millen to organise a 'plot' to blow up Westminster Abbey, thus killing Queen Victoria and half the British cabinet.

(2) to have the plot discovered and revealed during Queen Victoria's golden jubilee.

The Jubilee plot employed two Irish-American patsies, Thomas Callan and Michael Harkins. They were none too bright and missed their boat from New York to Liverpool. They arrived on the morning of the Jubilee, too late to reach Westminster Abbey.

After the plot had been revealed, the two Americans were arrested and sentenced to long periods in prison for conspiracy to commit terrorist acts. Francis Millen mysteriously managed to escape to New York.

Francis Millen's employment by the British secret service had been approved by Lord Salisbury, the Prime Minister. Salisbury's red ink 'S' is written on the documents.

Francis Millen, an Irish-American soldier of fortune, had been recruited in Mexico City. A letter from the British consul in Mexico, told Prime Minister Salisbury that 'XXX' was the code for Millen and that he was ready to start his first operation.

The Times printed sensational newspaper stories accusing Nationalist leader Parnell of supporting the Jubilee Plot.

However, the 'evidence' against Parnell was later shown to be a forgery.

Millen was offered £10,000 to return to Britain to act as a whistleblower. Shortly afterwards he was found dead in New York.

Main source: Fenian Fire: The British Government Plot to Assassinate Queen Victoria. By Christy Campbell. HarperCollins


Britain framed Irish hero with 'jubilee plot' to murder Victoria ...

Website That Predicted London Bombs an Intelligence Agency Front -


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