Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Master Spider

Brzezinski and Osama bin Laden?

"Brzezinski, who is now Obama’s adviser, was Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy adviser in the 1970s. He also served in the 1970s as director of the Trilateral Commission, which he co-founded with David Rockefeller Sr., considered by some to be the "master spider" of the Wall Street banking network.

"Brzezinski later boasted of drawing Russia into war with Afghanistan in 1979, 'giving to the Soviet Union its Vietnam War.'

"Is the Georgia affair an attempted repeat of that coup?" Mike Whitney, a popular Internet commentator, observed on August 11..." - Wag the Dog: How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse

Saakashvili and Bush

"Mihkail Saakashvili was deliberately placed in power in one of the most sophisticated US regime change operations, using ostensibly private NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to create an atmosphere of popular protest against the existing regime of former Soviet Foreign Minister Edouard Shevardnadze, who was no longer useful to Washington when he began to make a deal with Moscow over energy pipelines and privatizations...

"Since coming to power in 2004 with US aid, Saakashvili has led a policy of mass-scale arrests, imprisonment, torture and deepened corruption." - The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili

Anwar Ibrahim of the CIA?

Anwar Ibrahim wins key Malaysia by-election

aangirfan: Sodomy, Anwar, CIA

Jersey Chief Minister Frank Walker

Damages claims for Jersey abuse 'blocked'

Loophole could stop Jersey care home abuse victims from claiming.

Charges dropped against couple accused of Jersey child abuse

If your kids are behaving badly treat them like a dog, says Battersea Dogs Home behaviour expert

Haze risk returns as fires increase in Indonesia


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Ali.mostaque said...

No that is not OBL, that is an officer in the Pak army. OBL is much taller.6'feet 5" iches. The Pak army is the only army in the world besides the Sikh's, which allow officers to wear beards. Time for a review here I think on policy by Kiyani sahib.

The Pak Army symbolically needs to distance itself from the fundies, a relationship that was overtly legitimize under Zia, resulting in the present dire consequences now unfolding.

Metaphorically speaking it could just as well have been OBL, given the close relationship of the Pak army with Fundies from the sixties onwards.

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