Saturday, August 09, 2008

Georgia War

"Since emerging from the collapsing Soviet Union as an independent state in 1991, Georgia has again become the arena of conflicting interests, this time between a the US and a revived Russia. It has also faced a tough challenge from two separatist regions, Abkhazia and South Ossetia." - BBC News - Country Profile: Georgia

Daily Telegraph : "Over 1,300 people are reported dead after Russian forces responded to a Georgian attack on rebels in the breakaway province of South Ossetia by mounting a full scale invasion. "

GEORGIA: "Just over 7 days ago, US forces just left the Air Base that is reporting to have been attacked by Russian Federation Air Force Assets." -

(Major's Perspective. / US Army Exercise Immediate Response 2008 exercises completed July 31st to train Georgian forces )

According to Postman Patel ( Georgia starts major attack on South Ossetia - Russia starts upping the ante):

"We have been following events in breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia (here) for some years and the latest Friday, July 04, 2008 Russian backed breakaway South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali shelled from Georgia , which covered the shelling of Tskhinval resulting in several deaths.

"This is a long and convoluted struggle now inflamed because (partly) Russia will not recognise the US manufactured statelet, gangster hinterland and site of huge US base called Kosovo carved out of Serbia. (See KLA is CIA Lab / Bondsteel camp - Byzantine Blog)

"So the Russkis are helping the Abkhazians ( a major smuggling route) and South Ossetians (total pop = 70,00)with their special Gazprom gas supply so if the Georgian gas is cut off they remain warm in winter at least.

"It is also related to the BTC pipeline Baku / Tblisi / Ceyhan and US moves to get Georgia and the Ukraine within the NATO family threatening Russia's southern flank."

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