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David Shayler - disinformation agent?

It is of very great importance to the the US and UK governments that the biggest act of terrorism on UK soil, Lockerbie, is not revealed as having been the work of the CIA.

"David Shayler worked on the Lockerbie case... Both he and Machon have since been indefatigable in defending the Anglo-American government position - that the Libyans did it, and any suggestion to the contrary is plain wrong." - Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie

'Former' MI5 agent David Shayler.

How do disinformation agents work?

9/11 disinformation agents try to do the following:

1. become the main spokespersons for the 9 11 movement on TV and at public meetings

2. cause divisions within the 9 11 movement

3. create red-herrings

4. eventually reveal themselves as mad, over the top fantasists.

David Shayler, who has worked for the UK security agency MI5, may be a disinformation agent? (I'm God, says renegade spy David Shayler the Daily Mail)

Or he may be suffering from delusions? Shayler says: "I am absolutely convinced ... that the universe is changing shape and humanity has to prepare for that, and that I am here to help teach people."

Fintan Dunne ( : The CIA's Internet Fakes) may be a disinformation agent.

Fintan Dunne accuses the following good people of being untrustworthy:

Alex Jones

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Sibel Edmonds

Dan Hopsicker

Michael Meacher

Mike Rupert

Mike Rivero

If David Shayler has always been a disinformation agent, how has he operated? Possibly like this:

1. He has suggested on television that 9 11 was probably the work of people within the security services (YouTube - David Shayler speaks on 911)

2. Then he has revealed himself as 'the Messiah', so that the public will be disinclined to believe his comments about 9 11.

We can expect lots of spooky people on the internet to be telling us in future that if we believe 9 11 was an inside job, then we are like David Icke or David Shayler!

The winter 1999 issue of Lobster magazine (#38) reviewed David Shayler's book about MI5.

The reviewer wrote "the whole Shayler affair is quite odd" since Shayler is a "technocrat" who "ratted" not out of ideology but apparently for personal reasons, and is an animal of the system he criticises. Lobster points out that Shayler was able to get his book published. (MI5: Shayler-gate)

In August 1997, Shayler passed documents to the Mail on Sunday newspaper that alleged that MI5 was paranoid about socialists and that it had previously investigated Labour Party ministers Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman. (David Shayler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Shayler's information about Mandelson (and friends) looks like disinfomation, as other sources have suggested that Mandelson has always worked for MI6. ( aangirfan: MI5 and MI6)

One theory about David Shayler runs like this: The UK security services drove David Shayler over the edge, with drugs and hypnosis.


"War Criminal" Ex-MI6 Head Dearlove Confronted by 'We Are Change'



paul said...

I tend to agree

Anonymous said...

I also I agree with this theory.

When Shayler appeared on Gloria Hunnifords Sunday morning program with David Ray Griffin he was suddenly talking about holographic aeroplanes after seeming like the most rational voice on the subject for a long time.
This struck me as odd in the same way as when David Icke, who I am also convinced is MI5, says a whole lot of very true things based on the research of others and then goes on about shape shifting lizards.

The obviousness of this is very frightening as it means our intelligence agencies really ARE involved in this stuff.

Unknown said...

I'm inclined to believe Annie Machon and disbelieve David Shayler, especially after their split.

It's important to note that when going through the phase of establishing their bona fides and credibility, disinformation agents will always impart largely true information initially, although not the whole truth, it will turn out to be new information that does check out.

All of Shayler and Machon's initial disclosures I believe to be true - the Israelis blowing up their own embassy in London, MI6 engaging Libyan agent "Tunworth" to make a failed assassination attempt on Gaddafi - that all appears to be true.

Shayler's analysis of 7/7 came across as being incredibly flat and shallow - essentially "MI5 did it", without further elaboration.

That's where things began to go wrong.

This was around the time he began making fairly ridiculous statements, like "It's racist to believe that Muslims blew up the London Underground" - when we know (if nothing else) that four Muslim lads DID attempt (rather pathetically) to blow themselves up on 21/7 (a very under-scrutinised incident) , and an Islamist group (with a LOT of help) DID blow up a number of commuter trains in Madrid in 2002.

Shayler's "experience" doesn't ring true - when Icke declared himself to be the Messiah, he appeared at that time to be sincere, Shayler appears to be just going through the motions. I suspect, personally, it may be part of a deal he cut with his old bosses to ensure his own survival.

Annie Machon still appears to be much more on the level, although her direct knowledge of most of these things is far more limited - most of what she knows, she knows via Shayler, which presumably includes most of the Libya stuff, and she has distanced herself very much from any suggestion of Al-Megrahi and Fehma's guilt.

Her information appears to be still good.

She suggests, for instance, that the death of Diana was prompted far more by her imminent coming-out in support of the Palestinian cause rather than the anti-landmine crusade, which rings very, very true - even if you were to ban anti-personnel landmines tomorrow, there is still the clean-up of all the existing ones in use, which would keep the trade profitable for the manufacturers for much of the next half century.

She further suggests that 5 were not merely keeping files on "lefties" and socialists in the 80s and 90s - she strongly infers that Tony Blair and Jack Straw (at the least) were recruited by 5 out of university and deliberately placed within the parliamentary Labour Party as sleeper agents.

This makes sense - Paul Foot gave a lecture at one of the Marxism events (which appears to have vanished from the Internet) called Mysteries of New Labour, wherein he stated that the biggest mystery about New Labour was "Why didn't Tony Blair join the SDP Alliance in 1983?"

After all, he isn't a socialist - and Labour was to a great extent dying on its arse at the time - at BEST, he was a right-of-centre liberal, and he seemed tailor-made for the SDP.

But he didn't do that.

He joined Michael Foot's Labour Party.

He then underwent a meteoric rise, and in a little under a decade ascended to the party leadership, following an apparent assassination of John Smith (a Gaitskill / Robin Cook special).

He had help.

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