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Churchill and an alliance with Hitler?

The BBC, on 31 August 2008, tells us about an Amateur UK diplomat who sought a Nazi pact.

And the Telegraph tells us that Lord Halifax tried to negotiate peace with the Nazis.

According to Louis Kilzer, in 'Churchill's Deception' (1994), Churchill, in 1932, considered forming an alliance with Hitler.

According to Kilzer, Churchill was in Munich in 1932 and there he met Ernst Hanfstaengl, who worked for Hitler.

Reportedly, Churchill said to Hanfstaengl, "How does your chief feel about an alliance between your country, France and England?" (Page 112, Churchill's Deception).

Kilzer's source is Hanfstaengl (War - The Churchill Centre).

According to an item at the Sydney Morning Herald, "In April 1932, Hanfstaengl set up a meeting between Hitler and Winston Churchill in a Munich hotel, but Hitler pulled out at the last moment, dismissing Churchill, who was then a backbencher, as a nobody." ( The strange, secret tale of Hitler's piano man - World -

Frederick Winterbotham, head of air intelligence for MI6, wrote: "From my personal meetings with Hitler I learned about his basic belief that the only hope for an ordered world was that it should be ruled by three super powers, the British Empire, the Greater Americas and the new German Reich." (Quoted by Kilzer, page 117).

The problem for Hitler was that Churchill was reluctant to allow Germany to dominate continental Europe.

Hanfstaengl and Hitler

How close was Hanfstaengl to Hitler?

"For much of the 1920s, Hanfstaengel introduced Hitler to Munich high-society and helped polish his image. He also helped to finance the publication of Hitler's Mein Kampf. Hitler was the godfather of Hanfstaengl's son Egon. Hanfstaengl wrote both Brownshirt and Hitler Youth and, he later claimed, devised the chant 'Sieg Heil'". (Ernst Hanfstaengl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Hanfstaengl wrote Hitler: The Missing Years (London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1957. Arcade Publishing, reprint 1994 ISBN 1-55970-278-8)

He also wrote Unheard Witness (1957) about his experiences.

Churchill's Deception: The Dark Secret That Destroyed Nazi ...


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