Sunday, August 24, 2008


"Up to 100 US banks could go bust over the coming year... Conventional wisdom has it that America's well developed system of deposit insurance will shield savers from any losses. But the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has assets of only $50bn, while the combined assets of the banks in danger total around $900bn." - Liam Halligan, Sunday Telegraph, 24 August 2008. - World must brace itself as US banks 'fess up' to losses

Lockerbie: The Scottish press and the closed hearing

Former Dumfries and Galloway police inspector Adam Carruthers, jailed in 2001 for raping two women, is expected to be freed within weeks. He was also investigated for attacks on at least 20 other women.- more >>>

Police inspector guilty of rapes

aangirfan: Time to sack some police chiefs?


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