Saturday, August 23, 2008


The Indonesians don't have a word for 'gay'.

They appear to be naturally bisexual.


"The warok come from East Java, from Ponorogo. They started as the followers of a poet in a fifteenth century kingdom. They’re supposed to have magical powers, but only if they avoid sex with women. So they have sex with young boys. Melati was also telling me about the royal courts in Bali and in Aceh in Sumatra. Men there also had sex with boys. Have you heard of sedattis?"

"No, and I hope they’re not too extreme," I said, almost in a whisper. "There’s a couple sitting at a table behind you. Kind of big and porky. Might be Americans or Germans. Maybe unhappy Calvinists. Hope they’re not parents of one of my students."

"Sedattis," said Tom in quiet voice, "were catamites, young dancing boys. You got them in both north and south Sumatra. Their job was to entertain men. There was something similar in other parts of Indonesia. On Bali, little boys, called gandrungs, would dress up as girls, and dance for the men." -

Certain fascist elements are trying to change sexual attitudes in Indonesia so as to increase their control over society.

Who are these fascist elements? Possibly they are the American-Israeli fascists who like to follow a policy of divide and rule.

Look at any extreme Moslem organisation in Indonesia and you are likely to find the influence of the CIA and Saudi money.

According to Gay life in Indonesia:

"'People in this country have terrible ideas about homosexuals, which I think is because they don’t know any better,'" said Mardian Kuncoro, a gay man.

"In 2002, the South Sulawesi administration became the first to pass an anti-prostitution bylaw that criminalizes homosexuality. Two years later, the Palembang administration passed a similar bylaw."


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