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Sarah Palin naked? :: Hollywood Newsroom

"In Colombia, the corporate media tend emphatically to leave every stone unturned when un-reporting the narco-terror connections of Alvaro Uribe's corrupt, murderous regime.

"'In Latin America, Obama supports the Colombian military, riddled with drug lords... Beyond that, he has been out of step and out of touch with the winds of democratic change sweeping Latin America.'" - Latin America & Obama

Obama to push for more EU troops in Afghanistan

Officer 'had death threats from Met'

Bolivia's Morales calls constitutional referendum

"Some analysts believe there is little real regional co-ordination between extremist groups. Our correspondent says Morocco has been accused of over-dramatising the threat it faces from extremists, to benefit from support from the US and Europe." - Morocco 'breaks terror network'

Turkey’s newly appointed chief of General Staff, Gen. Ilker Basbug said on 28 August 2008: "Our cooperation with the U.S. army is on a perfect level. It is one of our most important duties to preserve this cooperation since Turkey-United States relations have gained further importance." - Turkey’s media surprised by Basbug’s assessment of US

Pakistan jets kill 40 Taliban in new fighting

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What "Pro-life" is not

David Shayler - disinformation agent?

It is of very great importance to the the US and UK governments that the biggest act of terrorism on UK soil, Lockerbie, is not revealed as having been the work of the CIA.

"David Shayler worked on the Lockerbie case... Both he and Machon have since been indefatigable in defending the Anglo-American government position - that the Libyans did it, and any suggestion to the contrary is plain wrong." - Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie

'Former' MI5 agent David Shayler.

How do disinformation agents work?

9/11 disinformation agents try to do the following:

1. become the main spokespersons for the 9 11 movement on TV and at public meetings

2. cause divisions within the 9 11 movement

3. create red-herrings

4. eventually reveal themselves as mad, over the top fantasists.

David Shayler, who has worked for the UK security agency MI5, may be a disinformation agent? (I'm God, says renegade spy David Shayler the Daily Mail)

Or he may be suffering from delusions? Shayler says: "I am absolutely convinced ... that the universe is changing shape and humanity has to prepare for that, and that I am here to help teach people."

Fintan Dunne ( : The CIA's Internet Fakes) may be a disinformation agent.

Fintan Dunne accuses the following good people of being untrustworthy:

Alex Jones

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Sibel Edmonds

Dan Hopsicker

Michael Meacher

Mike Rupert

Mike Rivero

If David Shayler has always been a disinformation agent, how has he operated? Possibly like this:

1. He has suggested on television that 9 11 was probably the work of people within the security services (YouTube - David Shayler speaks on 911)

2. Then he has revealed himself as 'the Messiah', so that the public will be disinclined to believe his comments about 9 11.

We can expect lots of spooky people on the internet to be telling us in future that if we believe 9 11 was an inside job, then we are like David Icke or David Shayler!

The winter 1999 issue of Lobster magazine (#38) reviewed David Shayler's book about MI5.

The reviewer wrote "the whole Shayler affair is quite odd" since Shayler is a "technocrat" who "ratted" not out of ideology but apparently for personal reasons, and is an animal of the system he criticises. Lobster points out that Shayler was able to get his book published. (MI5: Shayler-gate)

In August 1997, Shayler passed documents to the Mail on Sunday newspaper that alleged that MI5 was paranoid about socialists and that it had previously investigated Labour Party ministers Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman. (David Shayler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Shayler's information about Mandelson (and friends) looks like disinfomation, as other sources have suggested that Mandelson has always worked for MI6. ( aangirfan: MI5 and MI6)

One theory about David Shayler runs like this: The UK security services drove David Shayler over the edge, with drugs and hypnosis.


"War Criminal" Ex-MI6 Head Dearlove Confronted by 'We Are Change'


Sarah Palin - friend of the oil industry

Sarah Palin - friend of the oil companies and extreme conservatives.

1. According to Wikipedia (Sarah Palin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate, strongly supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)[64]

Palin believes global warming is not manmade [65]

Palin opposes Obama's call for a windfall tax on oil companies. [66][22][24][67]

In May 2008, Palin objected to the decision of Dirk Kempthorne, the Republican United States Secretary of the Interior, to list polar bears as an endangered species. She threatened a lawsuit to stop the listing amid fears that it would hurt oil and gas development in the bears' habitat off Alaska's northern and northwestern coasts. .[82]

Palin's husband, Todd Palin,[82] worked for the energy corporation British Petroleum at an oil field on Alaska's North Slope[83]

2. Palin has stated that creationism does not need to be part of the school curriculum. .[76]

3. She supported a non-binding referendum for a constitutional amendment to deny benefits to homosexual couples.[77]


The site,, will provide a remarkable tool for tracing family history


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Video found on the site of dizzyfatplonka

The son of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, has told the BBC that the Libyan government only agreed to pay compensation for the Lockerbie Bombing in order to get international sanctions lifted. - Gaddafi son raps 'greedy' relatives / Lockerbie evidence not disclosed

"Electronics engineer Ulrich Lumpert says what he told the trial about the timing device said to have detonated the explosives was wrong." - New doubts over Lockerbie bombing

Report: Rice to visit Libya in September

Reportedly, Jihadi websites art often run by the CIA. Reportedly, al Qaeda is run by the CIA.

"Three men being questioned over alleged threats to assassinate Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have been charged with terror offences.

"The charges relate to comments about the prime minister and his predecessor published in January on an extremist jihadi website. It is understood no actual murder plot was in place.
The men are accused of belonging to a group calling itself al-Qaida in Britain." -

"During the Cold War, Turkey was NATO's southern flank, an isolated bulwark on Soviet frontiers. But since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has become Turkey's top trade partner, supplying the majority of Turkey's energy needs.

"'(Current tensions) put Turkey in a very tight spot because it is under pressure from Russia and its Western allies,' said Wolfango Piccoli, an analyst at the political risk consultancy Eurasia Group." - Turkey in tight spot between Russia and NATO

Disinformation? "Agents of Hizbullah and Iran's Revolutionary Guard have deployed special forces in Venezuela intended to kidnap Jewish businessmen and smuggle them to Lebanon, Israel Radio reported Thursday." 'Hizbullah tightens hold on Venezuela'


Obama Speech, 28 August 2008.

Obama's Speech:

"John McCain has voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time...

"In Washington, they call this the 'Ownership Society,' but what it really means is that you're on your own. Out of work? Tough luck, you're on your own. No health care? The market will fix it. You're on your own. Born into poverty? Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, even if you don't have boots. You are on your own...

"We measure progress in the 23 million new jobs that were created when Bill Clinton was president...when the average American family saw its income go up $7,500 instead of go down $2,000, like it has under George Bush...

"I'll invest $150 billion over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy -- wind power, and solar power (OTCBB:SOPW) , and the next generation of biofuels...

"If you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums. If you don't, you'll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves...

"I'll pay for every dime: by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens that don't help America grow...

"While Senator McCain was turning his sights to Iraq just days after 9/11, I stood up and opposed this war..."

Text: Barack Obama's speech


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1. The UK's Extradition Act 2003 was designed to deal with so called 'terrorist suspects'.

Any British subject could end up in a US prison.

The Extradition Act has been applied in cases where terrorism has not been the main concern.

Under the act, America authorities are able to demand a Briton's extradition without having to provide evidence.

Some people might think that the UK Parliament appears to be a tool of the US government

2. Some people may now regard the European Court of Human Rights as being a tool of the Pentagon and the CIA.

( Hacker McKinnon loses appeal against extradition to US )

Gary McKinnon, a British computer nerd, hacked into dozens of US military computers.

He demonstrated that their security systems were 'crap'.

In 2002, he was caught as he tried to download what he thought was a photograph of an alien spacecraft from a Nasa computer.

He was easily caught because he used his own email address.

The US government, the government alleged to be behind most acts of terrorism such as the Lockerbie Bombing and 9 11, insists that McKinnon be extradited to the USA.

The UK House of Lords turned down McKinnon's appeal.

On 28 August 2008, McKinnon lost his appeal to the European court of human rights.

3. If extradited, McKinnon faces up to 70 years in prison.

He could be given 'enemy combatant' status, like the 'innocents' at Guantánamo Bay.

If the US government was behind the Lockerbie Bombing and 9 11, then some might argue that we should be grateful to people hacking into Pentagon computers.

It seems though that Gary McKinnon was looking for aliens rather than evidence of alleged Pentagon crimes.




It would appear that it was both Israel and the USA that tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967.

The objective of this false flag operation was to provide an excuse to attack Egypt.

The following appeared in MILITARY HISTORY BOOK REVIEW MH-122 December 2003

"President Lyndon B. Johnson and some key officials, seeing the increasingly Soviet-leaning Egyptian President Gamel Abdel Nasser as a threat, made secret arrangements to help Israel in its coming June offensive with the intention of toppling Nasser.

"As part of Operation Cyanide, USS LIBERTY was sent to operate off the Sinai coast, where it was to be sunk with all hands by unmarked Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats, after which the United States would blame the attack on Egypt and launch carrier airstrikes against Cairo...

"The stubborn refusal of LIBERTY'S crew to die or let their ship sink after 75 minutes of air and sea attack - in spite of two American carrier sorties to aid her being inexplicably called back - led to the cancellation of Operation Cyanide, Israel's apology and offer of restitution for a 'tragic mistake,' the Johnson Administration's swift acceptance of that explanation and an equally quick, reassuring 'hot line' telephone call to Soviet premierAlexei Kosygin." -

Information about Operation Cyanide has been uncovered by former BBC investigative journalist Peter Hounam. Allegedly, the American plan was to sink the Liberty and blame Russia and Egypt.

According to an article in American free Press, "It now it appears that American political, intelligence and military persons played a key role in setting up the Liberty...The plan... was to sink the defenseless, unarmed American ship sailing in international waters off the coast of Egypt. The Soviets and their Arab allies (in particular Egypt) would then be blamed for the event.” - American Free Press , Liberty Attack Part Of Grand Scheme


OPERATION CYANIDE: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World WarIII, by Peter Hounam, Vision, a division of Satin Publications, Ltd, London,2003, $24.95



"Will it matter if Obama or McCain are elected in November? Hardly.

"Both are rigidly backed by important members of the Trilateral Commission who hijacked the Executive Branch of the U.S. government starting in 1976 with the election of Jimmy Carter.

"In Obama’s case, Zbigniew Brzezinski (co-founder of the Commission in 1973) is emerging as his principal advisor on foreign policy. Ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volker has made a once-in-a-lifetime, glowing endorsement of Obama. Madelyn Albright is seen sitting next to Obama in several conferences. Shoot, even Jimmy Carter himself endorses Obama. All are top members of the Commission.

"John McCain is being supported by several Trilateral Commission giants including: Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Lawrence Eagleburger and Alexander Haig. All of these are ex-Secretaries of State who issued a joint endorsement of McCain early-on in his campaign..." - Obama and McCain: Pawns of the Global Elite?

Why I had to recognise Georgia’s breakaway regions

Afghani democracy in action - Hamid Karzai signs Presidential pardon for rape of mother by warlord's gangsters

Turkey may lose its competitiveness in tourism

Honduras Joins Venezuela in Bolivarian Alternative Trade Group ALBA


The United States of America is the Next Argentina


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James Petras, at Axis of Logic, 26 August 2008, wrote "The Financial Times and the "Self-Confessed Mastermind of 9/11"

Petras refers to a "new wave of imperial aggression and bellicose rhetoric" that" is meant to deflect domestic discontent and distract public opinion from the deepening economic crises."

Petras points to an article on 9 11 at the The Financial Times (FT) (The face of 9/11 - 16 August 2008) and suggests that the FT "has yielded to the totalitarian-militarist temptation."

The face of 9/11, written by Demetri Sevastopulo, "embraces the forced confession of a 9/11 suspect elicited through 5 years of hideous torture in the confines of secret prisons."

The face of 9 11 is Khaled Sheikh Mohammed.

(It is not clear if the 'Khaled Sheikh Mohammed' held by the CIA is the real Khaled Sheikh Mohammed.)

Petras sees the FT as "being a propaganda vehicle for a CIA program to discredit the suspect while he stands trial based on confessions obtained through torture."

Petras notes that "from beginning to end, the article categorically states that the principle defendant, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, is the 'self-confessed mastermind of the September 11 attacks on the US.'"

The FT’s principle source of information is an anonymous informant "familiar with the CIA interrogation program."

According to Petras, the CIA’s only real evidence was extracted by torture.

Khaled repeatedly denied the accusations and that he only confessed after 5 years of torture.

Petras reminds us that confessions extracted from torture have no validity in any court.

Petras, quite rightly, states that "the FT’s embrace of the CIA and military’s coerced evidence and therefore their use of torture, puts them squarely in the camp of the totalitarian state."

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the so-called mastermind of 9-11, is believed to have attended college in North Carolina.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed worked for the CIA in Afghanistan. (

In Manila, he met associates in karaoke bars and giant go-go clubs filled with mirrors, flashing lights and bikini-clad dancers. He held meetings at four-star hotels. He took scuba-diving lessons at a coastal resort. When he wasn't with the go-go dancers, he courted a Filipina dentist.

Once, he rented a helicopter and flew it over her office, then called her on his mobile phone and told her to look up and wave. Other members of the terror cell Mohammed led had local girlfriends as well.
(Dancing girls and romance on road to terrorist attacks -

The real Shaikh Mohammed is considered by many analysts to be an agent of the Pakistan intelligence service ISI, which is generally considered to be controlled by the CIA.

Robert Fisk, 3 March 2003, in the Independent, wrote:

"Mr Mohammed was an ISI asset; indeed, anyone who is 'handed over' by the ISI these days is almost certainly a former (or present) employee of the Pakistani agency, whose control of Taliban operatives amazed even the Pakistani government during the years before 2001. Mr Pearl, it should be remembered, arranged his fatal assignation in Karachi on a mobile phone from an ISI office." A Breakthrough in the War on Terror? I'll Believe it When We See ...

US counter-terrorism officials claim Shaikh Mohammed was in Germany before the 9 11 attacks, liaising with Mohamed Atta. A secretive U.S. eavesdropping agency monitored telephone conversations. But, the Germans weren't told about it – and when they asked Washington for further information, none was forthcoming.

There was already a $2 million reward for Mohammed in 1998. In 2000, the CIA monitered his presence at an al Qaeda meeting, yet they didn't arrest him. Why wasn't the 9/11 plot discovered in June 2001 when US intelligence learned Mohammed was sending terrorists to live in the US. (Context of 'May 11, 2004: White House Gives Top Prisoner Access to ... )

And is the real Shaikh Mohammed still alive?

Asia Times, 30 February 2002:

"Ever since the frenzied shootout last month on September 11 2002 in Karachi there have been doubts over whether Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed head of al-Qaeda's military committee, died in the police raid on his apartment.

"Now it has emerged that Kuwaiti national Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did indeed perish in the raid, but his wife and child were taken from the apartment and handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in whose hands they remain." Asia Times

"The person making the confession in the secret military tribunal in Cuba can barely speak English. The real KSM, on the other hand, was educated in the United States and had obtained a degree in mechanical engineering from an American university in 1986."( Terror Mastermind KSM is an Imposter - The Confession is Fake )


Master Spider

Brzezinski and Osama bin Laden?

"Brzezinski, who is now Obama’s adviser, was Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy adviser in the 1970s. He also served in the 1970s as director of the Trilateral Commission, which he co-founded with David Rockefeller Sr., considered by some to be the "master spider" of the Wall Street banking network.

"Brzezinski later boasted of drawing Russia into war with Afghanistan in 1979, 'giving to the Soviet Union its Vietnam War.'

"Is the Georgia affair an attempted repeat of that coup?" Mike Whitney, a popular Internet commentator, observed on August 11..." - Wag the Dog: How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse

Saakashvili and Bush

"Mihkail Saakashvili was deliberately placed in power in one of the most sophisticated US regime change operations, using ostensibly private NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to create an atmosphere of popular protest against the existing regime of former Soviet Foreign Minister Edouard Shevardnadze, who was no longer useful to Washington when he began to make a deal with Moscow over energy pipelines and privatizations...

"Since coming to power in 2004 with US aid, Saakashvili has led a policy of mass-scale arrests, imprisonment, torture and deepened corruption." - The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili

Anwar Ibrahim of the CIA?

Anwar Ibrahim wins key Malaysia by-election

aangirfan: Sodomy, Anwar, CIA

Jersey Chief Minister Frank Walker

Damages claims for Jersey abuse 'blocked'

Loophole could stop Jersey care home abuse victims from claiming.

Charges dropped against couple accused of Jersey child abuse

If your kids are behaving badly treat them like a dog, says Battersea Dogs Home behaviour expert

Haze risk returns as fires increase in Indonesia


THAILAND: Samak, Anupong, the CIA

Photo from:

In Thailand, as in Bolivia and most other parts of the world, the wealthy elite sometimes use terror to keep themselves in power.

The CIA tends to support the wealthy elites.

There have been more protests in Thailand.

This "ominously points to splits inside the military, with camps divided between those who support and oppose Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, who serves concurrently as defense minister.

"Samak has reached an accommodation with top-ranking military leaders, including army commander General Anupong Paochinda and First Army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha, but a hardline camp has reportedly refused to fall in step." - Thai protests turn nasty

At the BBC website, a British expat comments:

"It's an incredibly dangerous situation which has pitted the entrenched political old guard against a democratically elected government. The real problem in Thailand is the way society is completely polarised. The government is part of a system that has tried somewhat to change that..." - Your comments: Bangkok protests

A Thai comments:

"We have a democratic government elected by a majority of the people around the country. The gangs should respect the majority of the people and not try to create the social disorder." - Your comments: Bangkok protests

In September 2006, the popular Thai prime minister, Mr Thaksin, was toppled in a military coup that was probably organised by the CIA.

According to Axis of Logic: "The behavior and tactics of the Thai opposition would appear to have been copied from a CIA manual." Bangkok and Caracas: A comparative Analysis

Thaksin may have annoyed the CIA by (1) removing Thai troops from Iraq (2) following a policy of helping the poor.

According to The Economist, "rural voters were quite rational in handing him (Thaksin) landslide victories in 2001 and 2005."

Thaksin helped the poor.

He provided them with very cheap medical care and he provided the rural poor with loans to help them increase their prosperity. - BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Thai farmer: 'Thaksin helped us'

Thaksin is probably no different from most American, European or Asian politicians when it comes to allegations of impropriety.

According to the Economist, "the allegations of corruption, conflicts of interest and vote-buying that surround him Thaksin) are serious but hardly unusual: such practices are endemic in Thai politics." Thailand's election South-East Asia's Pakistan?

The generals who carried out the 2006 coup have provided bad government.

According to The Economist, "the generals, courtiers and bureaucrats who have been in charge for the past 15 months have ruled dismally. Thailand's economy is now one of the slowest-growing in booming Asia." - Thailand's election South-East Asia's Pakistan?

In December 2007, there were fresh elections in Thailand.

Thaksin's party, the PPP, has won the most seats.

The CIA has a history of getting involved in Thai and Asian politics.

In 1946 Ananda was found shot in his bedroom in the Grand Palace.

This ensured that teenage Bhumibol became king. And it ensured that pro-American Field Marshal Pibul became the power behind the throne.

Bhumibol had once said of his brother's murder, "It was not an was political."

King Bhumibol has a difficult job, surrounded as he is by certain 'corrupt fascist' generals who allegedly have links to the CIA.

In 1973, when pro-democracy students were being shot at by the army outside the Chitralada palace, Bhumibol ordered the gates of the palace to be opened, to help save some lives.

In 1980 one third of the rural population lived in absolute poverty (this could mean one meal a day and no money to buy shoes or typhoid medicine). In 1980, a child working 11 hours a day, in a workshop in Bangkok, would earn £36 per year! Yes, per year! Great for the Americans getting their cheap shoes and clothes made by child labour.

When the generals were again getting violent in 1992, and hundreds of people were killed, it was Bhumibol who summoned General Suchinda to the palace and had the meeting televised live. The entire Thai nation could see General Suchinda crawling across the carpet to the feet of the monarch.

In the Oriental Hotel I got talking to a retired Thai gentleman called Yong. I asked him how things were going in Bangkok.

"There is a power struggle going on within the army," said Yong. "On one side we have the reformers who want to end the army's links to drugs and karaoke bars. They want to purge the army of mafia colonels. And on the other side we have the conservatives who want to continue to do deals with the Burmese junta and the drugs barons."

Yong read to me the calypso written by Allen Ginsberg in 1972:

In nineteen hundred forty nine
China was won by Mao Tse-Tung.
Chiang Kai Shek's army ran away.
They were waiting there in Thailand yesterday

Supported by the CIA
Pushing junk down Thailand way.

First they stole from the Meo Tribes
Up in the hills they started taking bribes
Then they sent their soldiers up to Shan
Collecting opium to send to The Man
Pushing junk in Bangkok yesterday
Supported by the CIA...."

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The Guardian - mainly right wing Zionist propaganda?

Gottlieb-Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur

The Manchester Guardian was founded in Manchester in 1821 by a group of non-conformist businessmen.

The Manchester Guardian used to be seen as a left-leaning, Liberal newspaper.

The Guardian, as it is now called, has a large number of Jewish folks on its staff.

Manchester has a large Jewish population.

According to an article from the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester:

"The work of the Zionists in Manchester was greatly aided by the support, advice and encouragement of the staff of the well regarded national newspaper, the Manchester Guardian." (see below)

The Guardian appears to have become a vehicle for subtle pro-establishment propaganda.

"I write for the Guardian," said Sir Max Hastings in 2005,[8] "because it is read by the new establishment."

Let's look at some of the contents of the the Guardian website on the morning of 26 August 2008.

Old Poster

1. The lead story on the Guardian website is Britain's secret propaganda war against al-Qaida.

The writer, Alan Travis, tells us about a UK government unit called the Research, Information and Communication unit, or RICU.

Reportedly RICU is supplying propaganda to the BBC and other parts of the media.

This sounds like good, radical stuff.

But wait.

Reportedly, this RICU has the job of criticising al Qaeda and trying to make it look bad.

According to The Guardian, a RICU dossier says that al-Qaida has been definitively expelled from large areas of Iraq and has lost ground in Afghanistan.

Now, what is missing from this Guardian news story?

We are not told that al Qaeda has been linked to the CIA and its friends.

We are not told that, reportedly, the CIA has used al Qaeda to carry out its dirty work.

We are not told that the forces opposing the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are mainly freedom-fighters; they are not al Qaeda.

So, the purpose of this Guardian story might appear to be disinformation.

2. Another lead story is entitled: Russian vote sets up clash with west

You may remember that Russia has allowed a large number of countries, such as Austria, Finland and the Czech Republic, to become independent.

Now Russian MPs have voted unanimously to back independence for Georgia's two breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

However, the Guardian story appears to promote the NATO view that the Russians are the bad guys when it comes to South Ossetia.

According to The Guardian news story: "Russia was last night on another collision course with the west...

"The Duma passed the... motion by 447-0. Both houses are known for their slavish loyalty to the Kremlin...

"Russia is facing another chastening reprimand, this time from the financial markets."

Photo of C P Scott, former editor of the Manchester Guardian and friend of the Zionists, from

3. The Guardian website gives prominence to a right-wing feature article by Tim Montgomerie entitled 'The kind of cop we need.'

Montgomerie writes:

"During the Clinton years very little was done to combat the spread of militant Islam. Al-Qaida's planning for the 9/11 attacks ... began when the ever so reasonable Clinton was still in office.

"Europeans may want someone like themselves in the White House, but difficult times call for a president willing to eschew short-term popularity and pursue long-term respect."

Montgomerie fails to tell us that it was the CIA, reportedly, which promoted militant Islam.

Montgomerie seems to want another tough right-wing leader to be appointed president.

4. The Guardian has a LOT of Jewish writers. Often they are writing about their Jewish friends

In the 26 August Guardian we read: "Israeli actor Igal Naor mesmerised critics and viewers as the Iraqi ruler in the BBC series House of Saddam. He tells Rachel Shabi why he came to ...." - 'I am Saddam and he is me'


5. From an article entitled CP Scott and the Manchester Guardian ( produced by the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester ) we learn:

"The work of the Zionists in Manchester was greatly aided by the support, advice and encouragement of the staff of the well regarded national newspaper, the Manchester Guardian."

A. Harry Sacher worked at The Guardian from 1905.

Through Sacher, Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Zionist Organization, met the journalist Herbert Sidebotham, a non-Jewish Imperialist.

Sidebotham believed that 'the interests of the Zionists coincided with those of the British Empire'.

B. C P Scott was the editor of the Manchester Guardian from 1872-1929.

Scott was won over by Weizmann.

Scott was able to introduce Weizmann to Lloyd George, Lord Balfour, Herbert Samuel, and other leading members of the government.

Scott leaked to Weizmann details of the Sykes-Picot agreement (secret Anglo-French negotiations on how to divide up the Ottoman Empire, including Palestine, after the War).

C. A later Guardian editor, WP Crozier, also supported Zionism.

D. The historian Lewis Namier 'maintained the strong links between the Manchester Zionists and the Guardian'.


Who the HELL are Western Governments Really Serving??

nona-people: The 'Jewish Conspiracy' in the UK

aangirfan: Rich Jewish people or the Chinese or al Qaeda or the ...

aangirfan: Margaret Thatcher's Jewish links


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Georgia crisis may ease pressure on Iran.

Organized Crime Groups Dumping Weak US Dollar For Euro

Kenyan troops accused of torture 'were trained by SAS'

Gitmo trial of teenager Mohammed Jawad stalls and "Biscuit team" member, psychologist U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Diane M. Zierhoffer pleads the 5th

Venezuela: Unemployment drops, growth continues

Venezuela: Boss's campaign of terror against unionists

Al-Qaida claims to have killed 130 in Algeria

Pakistan rejects truce offer by militants in tribal area: official


Child Marriages

The Marriage Contract by William Hogarth

Child marriage has been prevalent in many cultures throughout human history.

In 16th Century England, 13 year-old Elisabeth Ramsbotham complained that her 11 year-old husband, John Bridge, had not yet deflowered her. ( Thomas Mann's Death in Venice)

Saudi Arabia is in the news because of child marriages.

In Saudi Arabia, "An 11-year-old boy gave out invitations to his classmates for a big event his family was planning this summer - and it wasn't his birthday party.

"It was his wedding to a 10-year-old cousin...

Clerics and others ... say such unions are harmful to the children and trivialise the institution of marriage." - Gulfnews: Saudi activists and clerics demand end to child marriage

A Saudi Arabian court is to rule next month on the divorce of an eight-year-old girl from a man in his fifties.

"The girl, who still does not know she is married, lives with her parents in the town of Unayzah, 135 miles north of the capital Riyadh. The marriage had been arranged in secret by her father.

"She is preparing to start the new year at primary school in the town, which is located in the conservative Najd region of the country - the spiritual homeland of the Islamist Wahhabi movement that has long dominated the kingdom.

"According to the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Watan, which reported the case, the divorce suit has been filed by the girl's mother." - Saudi Arabian girl, 8, seeks divorce



John Key

New Zealand appears to be becoming more Jewish.

It's next prime Minister may be a Jew.

"John Key, who has been leading in the polls for the past 18 months, could become the nation’s third Jewish prime minister by Nov. 15." - New Zealand to honor Jewish community

If he becomes Prime Minister, Key would be the third premier of New Zealand with Jewish ancestry (Julius Vogel and Francis Bell being the other two).

In 2003 Key emphasised his National Party's support of New Zealand's traditional ally, the United States ( John Key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ).

In 2004, two 'Mossad agents' were jailed for six months for trying on false grounds to obtain a New Zealand passport. - 'Mossad spies' jailed over New Zealand passport fraud.

"The spy ring consisted of at least three Mossad agents working from Australia and one New Zealand Jew. The ringleader, a Mossad agent, and the New Zealander got away to Israel. The two other Mossad agents, Eli Cara and Uriel Kelman, were arrested in the act of accepting delivery of a fraudulently obtained NZ passport." - (Israel Apologises To NZ For Bungled Mossad Passports.)

According to an article at (Why Are Mossad & Fake NZ Passports In Iraq?):

Reportedly, "these Mossad fake New Zealand Passports then showed up in Iraq.

The source "is inside the G2 Intelligence section of one of the commanding armies in Baghdad."

Reportedly US soldiers caught Mossad agents with the New Zealand Passports on them.

Reportedly, these 'Mossad agents' were caught with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and very sophisticated detonation devices "to kill American soldiers and otherwise set off 'terrorist bomber' bombs anywhere they wanted those bombs to go off."

Reportedly, "some of these Mossad agents were at Abu Ghraib prison and torturing Iraqis."

(British SAS soldiers were caught "with a carload of IEDs and detonation devices ... in the Basra area.")

David Lange

Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange died of kidney failure aged 63. (,3604,1549077,00.html)

He was prime minister of the fourth Labour government from 1984 to 1989.

He promoted the idea of New Zealand having a nuclear-free policy.

This led to a 'coolness' in the relationship with the United States.

In 2002, Lange was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare, incurable blood plasma disorder

Reportedly, the USA wanted Lange dead.

The following is taken from:

March 28, 2002

Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange has claimed that ex-U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle threatened to have him "liquidated" over his country's anti-nuclear policy in the 1980s.

The extraordinary allegation was first made in an interview with New Zealand's One News...

In the One News interview Lange said the apparent death threat was made by Quayle during a meeting with the Australian cabinet...

"There were veiled threats and there were specific threats," he said. "It was announced at one stage to the Australian cabinet that I would have to be liquidated."


"Lange says US threatened to kill him."

That was the story from New Zealand's Independent newspapers Ltd on 27 March 2002.

Former US vice-president Dan Quayle reportedly told the Australian Cabinet that David Lange, New Zealand Prime Minister from 1984-89, "would have to be liquidated."

Mr Lange made the claim in a television interview about the pressure put on him over New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance during his time as prime minister.

"There were personal pressures," he said. "There were veiled threats. There were specific threats. There were threats made to other countries. (It) was announced to the Australian Cabinet at one stage that I would have to be liquidated."

He said the announcement had been made by Mr Quayle during a visit to Australia in 1989. Asked to repeat what Mr Quayle said, Mr Lange said: "I'd have to be liquidated."

Former New Zealand Labour Party president Bob Harvey suggested in 1999 that prime minister Norman Kirk had been poisoned by the CIA in 1974.

So it would appear that the USA and its allies may be in control of New Zealand.

It would appear that the USA and its allies can order New Zealand to introduce a Terrorism Suppression Act.

"Why do we have the 'Terrorism Suppression Act 2002' in the first place? Simply put - because the Americans told us we had to." - ABOLISH THE TERROR LAWS-

"The people arrested come from anarchist, environmental, and Maori sovereignty groups that engage in civil disobedience via anti-status quo direct action tactics as forms of political expression. One might have mental health issues. Their activities involve street theater, public demonstrations, climbing trees and power station cooling towers, blocking roads and railroad lines, riding horses while brandishing shotguns, rifles and machetes, spitting, baring their buttocks and on at least one occasion, shooting a flag." - Paul Buchanan: Guantanamo On The Pacific?

Anti-terror law change 'fascist'


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Classic Disinformation

The above video looks like classic disinformation.

A large body of evidence suggests that the Pentagon carried out the 9 11 attacks.

Reportedly, the Pentagon had the cooperation of people linked to Israel, Europe, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other areas.

Now the US military disinformation experts may be trying to shift the blame for 9 11 onto one group only - the Zionists.

It is highly unlikely that Israel on its own could carry out the 9 11 attacks (or Operation Gladio, or Lockerbie, or the attack on the USS Liberty...)

The main point of the above video is to discredit the Northwoods Document.

Wing TV - Connect The Dots-



"Up to 100 US banks could go bust over the coming year... Conventional wisdom has it that America's well developed system of deposit insurance will shield savers from any losses. But the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has assets of only $50bn, while the combined assets of the banks in danger total around $900bn." - Liam Halligan, Sunday Telegraph, 24 August 2008. - World must brace itself as US banks 'fess up' to losses

Lockerbie: The Scottish press and the closed hearing

Former Dumfries and Galloway police inspector Adam Carruthers, jailed in 2001 for raping two women, is expected to be freed within weeks. He was also investigated for attacks on at least 20 other women.- more >>>

Police inspector guilty of rapes

aangirfan: Time to sack some police chiefs?


David Cameron - rich and well connected

David Cameron - likely to be Britain's next Prime Minister.

The Sunday Mirror, 24 August 2008, tells us about the holiday experience of David Cameron, leader of Britain's Conservative Party. (EXCLUSIVE: Lavish holiday exposes the lie of 'ordinary' guy David ...)

According to the Mirror, Cameron has been holidaying on a £21,000 a week yacht on the Turkish Riviera.

He has been accompanied by seven boats carrying 74 friends and family.

He has been eating 'in the finest restaurants'.

Each of vessels has 'its own personal chef, captain and two crew hands'.

Three weeks ago Cameron and wife Samantha posed for official pictures 'on a humble bucket-and-spade beach' in Cornwall, in the UK.

In Cornwall, he portrayed himself 'as a stay-at-home politician in touch with the electorate'.

In Turkey, Cameron celebrate the 60th birthday of his mother-in-law Viscountess Astor.

The total cost of hiring the seven gulets was an estimated £150,000.

According to the Mirror, 'they drank bottle after bottle of wine'.

One night, according to the Mirror, 'the party took over the Indigo Terrace restaurant in the pretty Turkish port of Kalkan' and the bill came to more than £2,000.

Reportedly, Viscount Astor had hired the five-star gulets and 'VIPs invited to join the celebrations flew in from Britain, France and Italy.'

William IV

According to Wikipedia:

David Cameron is the son of stockbroker Ian Donald Cameron and his wife Mary Fleur Mount the second daughter of
Sir William Mount, 2nd Baronet.[9]

His father was born at Blairmore House near Huntly in Scotland,[10] which was built by Cameron's grandfather Ewen Donald Cameron's maternal grandfather Alexander Geddes[11] who had made a fortune in the grain business in Chicago and had returned to Scotland in the 1880s.[12]

His father's family had a long history in the world of finance: David Cameron's great grandfather Arthur Francis Levita (brother of Sir Cecil Levita)[14] of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers and his great-great grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron,[13] London head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank played key roles in discussions led by the Rothschilds with the Japanese central banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo concerning the selling of war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war.[15]

His great grandfather Ewen Allan Cameron, a senior partner with Panmure Gordon stockbrokers was also a notable figure in the financial world serving on the Council for Foreign Bondholders[16] and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders set up by the then Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman in November, 1935.[17]

His grandfather Ewen Donald and father Ian Donald also worked for Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, his father also serving as a director of the estate agents John D Wood.[3]

Cameron is a direct descendant of King William IV (4th great grandfather) and his mistress Dorothea Jordan (and thus 5th cousin, twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II) through his father's maternal grandmother Stephanie Levita.

Photo of Michael Gove from:

Gaby Hinsliff and Ned Temko, in The Observer, 23 October 2005, listed the members of David Cameron's inner circle:,6903,1598800,00.html

1. George Eustice started his political career with the UK Independence Party (which is reportedly pro-Israel and pro-Pentagon.)

2. Oliver Letwin has links to the Rothschilds.

3. Michael Gove is an admirer of the American neo-cons.

4. George Osborne is a fellow Oxford party animal.

5. Steve Hilton is in advertising.

6. Daniel Finkelstein is a Times journalist.

7. Matthew d'Ancona writes for The Telegraph.

According to the Observer article:

The brains of the operation is Michael Gove.


An article on Michael Gove at en.wikipedia:

He takes a pro-Israel line and has criticised anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and several United Nations peace processes.

A self-confessed neo-conservative, he called for early intervention against Saddam Hussein.

Surprisingly, he stated in October 2004 of Tony Blair: "I can't hold it back any more; I love Tony!"

He is also a signatory of the Henry Jackson Society.

Gove is seen as part of an influential set of young up-and-coming Tories, sometimes disparagingly referred to as the Notting Hill set, including David Cameron, George Osborne, Edward Vaizey, Nicholas Boles and Rachel Whetstone. They are seen as modernisers, but also close to Michael Howard.


Saturday, August 23, 2008


"McCain is on track to take the electoral college 274 to 264.

"Voters overwhelmingly say America's economic difficulties are their main concern, but Democrats have thus far been unable to attach this discontent to the Republican party.

"Indeed, McCain has seized the initiative with his populist appeals to "drill here and drill now" as a means of reducing petrol prices, so much so that in the latest Reuters poll more people trusted him to fix the economy than Obama." - Stage fright (Sunday Herald 24 August 2008)

Obama : Are critics going after race?

Roland Carnaby 'of the CIA' was assassinated in Texas.

"Talk show host Hal Turner claimed that according to one of his sources, Carnaby was alerted to a Mossad scheme to import a mini-nuke before his assassination.

"The 8-10 August Wayne Madsen Report stated that a county grand jury has declined to prosecute a police sergeant and officer who shot Carnaby... George Soros has used his staggering wealth to buy up media related to Texas affairs..." - Mid-Summer Alert—Update

"According to the Wayne Madsen Report (8 Aug), George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI), which sponsored a themed 'Rose Revolution' for control of Georgia in 2003, has also worked for years to stir up problems in South Ossetia." - Mid-Summer Alert—Update

"DEBKAfile reported 12 August 3 that the arrival of three new American flotillas raises to five the number of U.S. strike forces in Middle Eastern waters, an unprecedented build-up since the crisis erupted over Iran’s nuclear program." - Mid-Summer Alert—Update

MP whose death sparked poll was suing the MoD

Revealed: 8 million victims in the world's biggest cyber heist

Prince William double found dead: Lookalike dies age 24

Lockerbie, Mueller, Bollier, Thurman, Lumpert and a timer.

In 1988, the FBI's Robert Mueller (above) supervised the Lockerbie Bombing investigation.

"He successfully kept the CIA's connection to the bombing from becoming public.

"The CIA and FBI took control of the crash scene for the first day (keeping Scottish police at bay), searching through and removing numerous pieces of evidence and luggage from the wreckage to obscure the connections of the bombing to the CIA special team that was on board the aircraft.

"One CIA defector has said that the team had been returning to the states against orders to blow the whistle on CIA drug and terrorist connections in the Middle East." - FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION ·

Edward Bollier of MEBO

In the Lockerbie Bombing (PanAm 103) case, it appears that the CIA and its friends arranged to have a 'timer' stolen from the Swiss firm of MEBO.

It appears that the security services then pretended that this 'timer' was the one used in the Lockerbie Bombing.

The Herald letters column, 23 August 2008, has a letter about the PanAm 103 - Lockerbie Bombing entitled High Court decision rapid and welcome

The author of the letter writes:

"Probably the most crucial item of physical evidence, namely the timer fragment PT35B, was not even tested for explosive residues."

Some of the comments on the Herald website are as follows:

Posted by: Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO, Zurich

"MEBO LTD and myself have obviously been misused by the Scottish Justice and Lord Advocate Colin Boyd to construct a wrong link from Lockerbie to Libya... More news on our webpage: (Homepage &

"Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. give the Crown, Lord Advocate General and the Appeal Court, the full warranty that the manipulated MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35B) does not come from a timer supplied to Libya and therefore cannot be brought in connection with Libya...

"Libya did pay the compensation under explicit objection that Libya had absolutely nothing to do with the PanAm 103 Lockerbie-Tragedy and could therefore not be made responsible. In the world media this objection is never mentioned.

"This tricky suppression of the whole statement by the world's leading news agencies leads to the generally accepted but nevertheless totally wrong notion: If they paid, they did it.

"Why Libya pays?: > Regain full diplomatic and economic status. This would allow oil companies to negotiate hundreds of billions of dollars worth of contracts, to drill the state's oilfields.

"US President Bush signed on August 4, 2008 into law: S.3370, the 'Libyan Claims Resolution Act.' The bill that grants Libyan immunity law and full diplomatic and economic status."

Lockerbie from

Posted by: Mark Boyle, Johnstone

"Jeez Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, you'll find few in Scotland that don't know that al Megrahi was just the fall guy (the main reason for the Yanks wanting him jailed was his expertise as Libya's No 1 sanction buster via Malta)."

Posted by: Peter Biddulph, Worcestershire, England

"Few folks will be aware of two important background features of the Lockerbie investigation and trial. Both are verified by historical and declassified documents and available for easy reference.

"1. The forensic scientist who claimed to be the first to find the famous bomb fragment was, a year after finding it, revealed by a Parliamentary investigation by Sir John May to be a co-conspirator with two colleagues in the with-holding of evidence in the trial of the alleged IRA Maguire Seven.

"The Maguires were released on appeal.

"This aspect was under-investigated by the Lockerbie trial defence, and ignored by the judges in the Lockerbie judgment.

"2. The career of the American agent in overall charge of the investigation includes several years involvement with the murderous Nicaraguan campaign, working alongside Colonel Oliver North in the Iran-Contra affair of the mid-eighties, and the covert arming of the Afghanistan Mujahadeen in the late eighties.

"The man was not called to give evidence at the Lockerbie trial.

"In an on-camera interview, he admitted that his name was on the original list of witnesses, but he presumed that the US authorities had removed it.

"We shall have to wait and see whether these two aspects will fully emerge during a second appeal.

Timer device

Two years after the Lockerbie bomb, investigators allegedly found a fragment of a timer device.

It has been alleged that the evidence concerning the timer fragment was fabricated by the CIA and its friends in order to implicate Libya in the bombing.

In the summer of 2007, a report from Darik Radio DARIK News revealed a confession:

"Ulrich Lumpert, a Swiss electronic engineer and former employee at the Zurich-based MEBO Ltd Telecommunication, has admitted that he stole from the company a hand manufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board that was later used as evidence against the defendant, Libyan agent Abdel Basset al-Megrahi.

Lumpert says: "I realized that the MST-13 PC-board, after it was handed over by me without permission was misused for deliberate politically criminal 'action'." - Lockerbie Bombing Trial Faces U-Turn after Perjury Confession

Thomas Thurman

On 19 February 2006, The Mail on Sunday reported that new forensic tests have been carried out by the lawyers representing Al Megrahi, the Libyan jailed in connection with the Lockerbie bombing.

Defence experts simulated the Lockerbie explosion. The results showed that the device which detonated the bomb could not have survived the explosion.

According to The Mail on Sunday: "Sources close to Megrahi's lawyers said the new tests pointed to the evidence having been planted at the scene of the crash...

"The source added that Megrahi's legal team claimed they had obtained 'clear proof' that investigators had 'planted and manipulated' evidence...

"He said... if there is any justice in Scotland... certain Scottish police officers will be jailed for their part in the proceedings...

"Megrahi's lawyers already have a sworn statement from a retired Scottish police officer confirming that evidence had been planted to secure the Libyan's conviction.

"A similar claim was made by a former CIA agent...

"The ex-CIA man (claimed) that the fragment of circuit board had been planted under orders from a very high level in the organisation...

"The fragment was found by two policeman during a search of a wood near Newcastleton, 35 miles from Lockerbie.

"It was later identified by the CIA's Thomas Thurman as being part of a sophisticated timer device made by the Swiss firm of Mebo.

"Thurman was later unmasked as a fraud who had given false evidence in American murder trials..."


Who were the people involved in the Lockerbie investigation and trial?

John Orr, joint head of CID in Strathclyde police, was the chief investigating officer in the Lockerbie case. Sir John Orr got promoted to Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police (1995 to 2001). (The Herald : News: OTHER NEWS)

'The Golfer' is the former Scottish police chief who has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated. 'The retired officer - of assistant chief constable rank or higher - has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.' ( News - Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked)

Two state prosecutors from the US Department of Justice played an important role in the Lockerbie trial. The United Nations observer at the Lockerbie trial, Dr Hans Kochler, reported that two state prosecutors from the US Department of Justice were in court, and, although not listed in any of the official documents about the Court's officers, they were constantly briefing Scottish prosecutors. ( UN Claims Lockerbie Trial Was Rigged)

Lord Fraser was the lord advocate (1989-92) who initiated the case against Megrahi. On 20 December 2006 Lord Fraser was detained by police after they were called to Dundee Airport following reports of a disturbance on board an aircraft. Lord Fraser was charged with disorderly conduct. It was announced on 2 February 2007 that the Crown Office had dropped these charges due to insufficient evidence that an offence had been committed.

Lord Hardie, as Lord Advocate 1997-2000, was due to lead the prosecution team in the Lockerbie trial. Lord Hardie resigned just before the Lockerbie trial began. There were rumours that there was a lack of evidence to convict the Libyans.

Colin Boyd was Lord Hardie's successor as Lord Advocate. He became Lord Boyd of Duncansby.

Norman McFadyen, then regional procurator-fiscal for Edinburgh, headed the Crown Office trial team at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. He got promoted to Crown Agent, head of department for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

Alan Turnbull, QC, was one of the two senior counsel leading the Crown team in the Lockerbie trial. In 2006, he became Scotland's youngest judge at the age of 47.

Advocate-depute Alastair Campbell, QC, was senior prosecution counsel in the Lockerbie trial. In 2003, he was appointed a judge and became Lord Bracadale.

Bill Taylor, QC, was defence counsel for Megrahi at Camp Zeist. He has been heavily criticised for failing to defend Megrahi successfully. ( We have removed an error here pointed out to us by The Lockerbie Case )

Alistair Duff was the defence lawyer for Megrahi.

Professor Hans Koechler, the United Nations' observer at the Lockerbie trial and appeal, has accused Mr Taylor and Mr Duff of betraying Megrahi by failing to represent him properly.

Eddie MacKechnie was solicitor to Fhimah who was acquitted.

Tony Gauci was the key crown witness and owner of the Maltese shop where Megrahi was said to have bought the clothing reportedly placed around the bomb. At the trial, Tony Gauci was uncertain about the date he sold the clothes in question, and was not sure that it was Megrahi to whom they were sold. Gauci gave two earlier statements in which he identified convicted Egyptian terrorist Abu Talb as the person who bought clothing. Gauci gave earlier statements saying he did not sell a shirt to the man but six months later remembered selling shirts and the man. Two of Gauci's statements are missing. A babygro said to have been wrapped around the bomb and shown to the court blown to pieces was recovered intact, according to a statement from the woman who found it. Five years after the trial, Lord Fraser allegedly described Gauci as a “simple” man who might have been “easily led”. Lord Fraser was the lord advocate (1989-92) who initiated the case against Megrahi.

The Strathclyde police reportedly arranged for Gauci to go fishing, hillwalking and birdwatching in the Scottish Highlands. The Mail on Sunday newspaper said Gauci had been recorded on tape talking about five or six visits he had made to Scotland since 1988. Four members of Gauci's family are also said to have received some form of police hospitality during the investigation. (The Scotsman - Scotland - Lockerbie trial row over witness’s trip)

J Thomas Thurman was the FBI man who identified a fragment of a circuit board from a timing device which, he said, was from the Lockerbie bomb. Thurman was later removed from his FBI job after a US Department of Justice investigation concluded his FBI forensics lab had a record of fabricating evidence.

Edwin Bollier is head of the Swiss-based Mebo group which was supposed to have sold the timing device reportedly used in the Lockerbie bomb. Bollier claims that one of his employees supplied the Scottish police with a stolen timing device, which was then presented in the trial as having been found amidst the plane's wreckage.

Ulrich Lumpert is the Mebo employee who reportedly has now admitted that the device he handed over to Scottish investigators was one he himself had stolen from the company, rather than part of a batch delivered to Libya in the 1980s.

Lord Sutherland was the presiding judge at Camp Zeist.

The other two judges were Lord Coulsfield and Lord MacLean.

Lord Cullen was head of the five-judge panel which presided over the appeal of Megrahi at Camp Zeist in 2002. The other four judges were: Lord Kirkwood, Lord Osborne, Lord Macfadyen, and Lord Nimmo Smith.


MEBO breakthru


Perjury confession in Lockerbie bombing trial

Click here to see A Just Dispatches, Just Television Production for Channel Four Television

aangirfan: Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Lockerbie - new forensic tests suggest evidence was planted by the CIA

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