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The Deir Yassin Massacre was carried out by Jewish terrorists.

At Deir Yassin:

"Some of the victims were decapitated.

"52 children were killed and mutilated in front of their mothers.

"25 pregnant women were cut open at the wombs and their babies were cut to pieces in front of their dying mothers." (

That's terrorism.

Menachem Begin, who later became Prime Minister of Israel, was the person who planned the Deir Yassin Massacre.

Menachem Begin

John McCain - Friend of the state of Israel

People like Gordon Brown, George Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain just love Israel.

Our leaders are frequent visitors to Israel.

Our leaders like to have lots of pro-Israel people in their cabinets.

This may be because our leaders admire Jewish-Zionist Terror.

Events such as the Bologna Bomb (1980), the London Bombs and 9 11 are reported to have been false flag operations, using double agents and patsies, organised by 'fascist' cabals within governments.

Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen is a neoconservative Zionist and a former employee of the Pentagon, the State Department and the National Security Council. (aangirfan: Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.)

Peter Chamberlin has written NEOCONSERVATISM - FASCIST ZIONISM and he links Ledeen to the fascist false-flag terrorism in Italy associated with Operation Gladio and the Strategy of Tension. (aangirfan: The Bologna Bomb 1980, Gladio, terrorism in Europe)

Chamberlin writes:

"Ledeen's connections with these Italian fascist false flag operations and the Iran/contra secret government group makes him a prime candidate as one of the principle organizers of the 9/11 parallel attack operation."

Our leaders just love Israel and its terrorist acts.

Palestinians driven from their land by Jewish terrorists, in 1948.

Israel was created by Jewish terrorists, and Israel has spread terrorism to many lands.

1940 - Jewish terrorists blew up the S.S.Patria in Haifa harbour, killing 268 Jewish immigrants who were due to be deported by the British.

This may have been an attempt to persuade the British to allow more Jews into Palestine.

1944 - Zionist terrorists assassinated the British Minister Resident in the Middle East, Lord Moyne, in Cairo.

1946 - Zionist terrorists blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing or injuring more than 200 people.

1946 - The British Embassy in Rome was hit by bomb explosions, for which Jewish terrorists claimed responsibility.

1947 - Letters sent to British Cabinet Ministers were found to contain bombs.

1947. - Six Arabs were killed and 30 wounded when bombs were thrown from Jewish trucks at Arab buses in Haifa; 12 Arabs were killed and others injured in an attack by armed Zionists on an Arab coastal village near Haifa.

Victims of the Jewish terrorists - 1948

1947 - Zionist terrorists killed 18 Arabs and wounded nearly 60 in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Lydda areas. In Jerusalem, bombs were thrown in an Arab market place near the Damascus Gate; in Jaffa, bombs were thrown into an Arab cafe; in the Arab village of Al Abbasya, near Lydda, 12 Arabs were killed in an attack with mortars and automatic weapons.

1947 - Jewish terrorists attacked an Arab village near Safad, blowing up two houses, in the ruins of which were found the bodies of 10 Arabs, including 5 children.

1947 - Two British constables and 11 Arabs were killed and 32 Arabs injured, at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem when Jewish terrorists threw a bomb from a taxi.

1947 - Zionist terrorists attacked the village of Balad al Sheikh, killing more than 60 Arabs.

1947 - 1948 - Over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs were forced from their homes and land, and made to live in refugee camps on Israel's borders.

1948 - Jewish terrorists attacked a village on the slopes of Mount Carmel; 17 Arabs were killed and 33 wounded.

1948 - Jewish terrorists blew up a building called the Serai , killing more than 40 people and wounding 98 others.

Victims of the Jewish terrorists 1948

1948 - The Arab-owned Semiramis Hotel in Jerusalem was blown up by Jewish terrorists, killing 20 people.

1948 - A British officer is murdered by Jewish terrorists near Hebron.

1948 - Zionist terrorists blew up three Arab buildings. 8 children died.

1947 - 1948 - Seven incidents of Jewish terrorists tossing bombs at innocent Arab civilians in cafes and markets, killing 138 and wounding 271 others.

Zionist terrorists mined passenger trains, killing 93 persons and wounding 161 others.

1948 - Jewish terrorists terrorists attacked an Arab village near Safad, blew up several houses, killing 11 Arabs, including 4 children.

1948 - A housing block in Haifa was blown up by Jewish terrorists, killing 17 and injuring 100 others.

1948 - Jewish terrorists attacked the Arab village of Deir Yassin and killed more than 200 unarmed civilians, including countless women and children.

1948 - Zionists attacked the former British army camp at Tel Litvinsky, killing 90 Arabs.

1948 - Fourteen Arabs were killed in Tiberias by Zionist terrorists.

1948 - A book bomb kills a British citizen, Rex Farran.


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