Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UK likely to keep troops in Iraq for many years to come

In 1917, the British entered Baghdad. The British used poison gas against Iraqi rebels. (Photo: New York Times) www.internationalist.org/chemwarhoax0503a.html

The UK must keep troops in Iraq for many years to come, the UK House of Commons defence committee has announced (July 2008). (UK 'must uphold' Iraq commitment )

The Commons defence committee said UK training of Iraqi forces in Basra must be a "medium-to-long-term project".

The committee said keeping troops in Iraq was important to ensuring Britain remained an influential player in Iraq, one of the biggest oil-producers in the Middle East.

UK troops are with their Iraqi "parent" units in Southern Iraq.

The committee said that it was "vital" their work continued.

"The UK has an opportunity to maintain a substantial position of influence for the common good in southern Iraq, if we can commit the military capacity to do so."


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