Sunday, July 20, 2008


VIDEO: Iraqi PM: US Should Leave Iraq As Soon As Possible

Brown in Baghdad: no timescale for troops pull-out

Brown sets out plan for UK pull-out from Iraq

Brown Says No `Artificial Timetable' for Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Con Coughlin (agent of the security services?): Breaking the silence on Pakistan

Terrorism: The CIA behind the death of Bhutto and plans to topple Musharraf.

Lukashenko - President of Belarus

Belarus -Meet the comb-over Soviet-style tyrant who could soon be one of the West's favourite allies

aangirfan: Where is the real Saddam?

aangirfan: Saddam and Belarus

Male lust is blind, study says

Image from Glasgow Young Scots for Independence

'Less than 1000 votes' separate Labour and SNP in Glasgow East by-election.' - Down to the wire

The ComRes survey for the Independent on Sunday puts Labour on 24% (down 2%). - Further poll blow for Labour

"The Daily Mail poll contradicts the private canvass returns that have been telling both Labour and the SNP that Thursday night will be close; very close." - The last lap

Glasgow East By-election: O'Brien attacks 'monstrous' embryo bill

Brown to hit back at UK lecturers' boycott on visit to Israel

Large Semtex cache stolen in France

Belgium divides on national day

Ashcroft bank accused of diverting £5m aid for poor of Belize to its own coffers

UK - Met Police chief facing interrogation over panel that gave £3m Yard contracts to skiing pal

UK - No 10 aide in honeytrap at Chinese disco

UK - Deliver us, minister, from your dreadful incompetence


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