Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tens of thousands

"Obama reiterated his campaign pledge... A 'residual force' would remain in Iraq carrying out counter-insurgency operations, protecting US facilities and training and supporting Iraqi puppet forces—tasks that would undoubtedly keep tens of thousands of American troops occupying the country indefinitely...

"The central aim of the war in Afghanistan—planned well before the attacks of 9/11—was to take advantage of the power vacuum in Central Asia created by the Soviet Union’s dissolution to assert US domination over a region containing the second largest proven reserves of petroleum and natural gas in the world." - Obama outlines policy of endless war

Obama - quite who is he at war with ? , Michelle, Bernardine and home grown radicalised terrists

Barack Obama: I would send US troops into Pakistan


"Washington has invested huge sums of money and effort in support of Georgia's inclusion into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a move that will tighten the alliance's iron ring around Russia. Moscow in return is increasing its military backing of the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, risking a a major escalation of tensions between Russia and NATO, in addition to disrupting vital energy corridors." - A war just waiting to happen

What property slump? Russia's richest woman buys London mansion for £50m only a year after it was sold for £32m

Impact of Bolivia Social Plans Extolled

Five weddings and many funerals

Government plans for a Big Brother database recording ALL calls, texts and e-mails will 'ruin British way of life'

"Indonesia's pitch to oil companies has been soured by legnthy contract disputes, corruption scandals, fuzzy regulations, and friction with revenue-hungry local authorities." - Indonesia struggles to capitalize on its oil

Indonesia accepts truth commission report on East Timor rights abuses

aangirfan , sniffing out the truth with her nose to the grindstone

Bush's top security advise to arrive Turkey on Thurs in a surprise ...


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