Sunday, July 27, 2008


John Edwards

"John Edwards was fighting for his political future yesterday as America's mainstream media began reporting a colourful scandal involving his alleged mistress, a disputed 'secret love child', and an altercation at a Beverly Hills hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning." - Love child and mistress claims hit Edwards

Torture by UK troops?

Adam Ingram and Lieutenant-General Robin Brims - Army's torture of prisoners 'had official blessing'

At the Pentagon, Jack Straw, who is of part Jewish background.

MPs campaign to make Straw PM

Mo Money Evo (or Morales hands out the gas bonanza...

A girl and her Llama by Thomas Quine

The other Peru, and proof of growth inequality

Mull by Cadell

Top civil servant plans split from UK

Glasgow spells the end of 300-year union

Tory rich list

Out of control yobs


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