Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nuclear Indonesia and French nuclear accidents

Chernobyl victims photo from:

The excellent Jakartass reports the following:

On 17 July 2008, Indonesia and France signed an agreement on cooperation in nuclear power plant research...

Indonesia's State Minister for Research and Technology Kusmayanto Kadiman said:

"There have been no reports of problems with Frances nuclear power plant technology, which is extraordinary."

Jakartass lists the following events in France:

1967 November 7: Release of radioactivity at Grenoble nuclear power plant
1968 October 2: Leakage at La Hague reprocessing plant
1969 October 17: Fuel elements melt at St Laurent des Eaux nuclear power plant
1980 September 22: Pump failure causes release of radioactive water at La Hague reprocessing plant
1981 January 6: Accident at La Hague reprocessing plant
1983 October 1: Technical failure and human error cause accident at Blayas nuclear power plant
1986 August 19: Flooding at the Cattenom nuclear power plant
1988 April 28: Release of 5000 Curies of tritium gas from the Bruyere le Chatel military nuclear complex
1988 November 23: Two control rods jammed at Blayais nuclear power plant
1989 April 1: Control rod failure at Gravelines nuclear power plant

1990 January 28: Pump failure during a shut-down at Gravelines nuclear power plant
1990 May 26: During refuelling, five cubic meters of radioactive water spilled at the Fessenheim nuclear power plant
1990 September 16: Superphenix Fast Breeder Reactor is closed down due to technical failures
1990 November 4: 2 workers irradiated during refuelling at Blayais nuclear power plant
1991 June1: Failure of core cooling system at Belleville nuclear power plant
1992 July 22: Two workers contaminated at Dampierre nuclear power plant
1992 July 22: Temperature rise in storage pool at Gravelines nuclear power plant
1992 August 28: Fire in electro-generator at St.Alban nuclear power plant
1993 January 20: Technical failure at Paluel causes subcooling accident
1993 October 22: Instrumentation and Control failure at Saint Alban nuclear power plant


2008 July 7 and 8 July, at the Tricastin plant in Bollene, 40km from Avignon, in the heart of the Côte du Rhone wine-producing region, a plant malfunction. Some 30,000 litres of a solution containing 12% enriched uranium overflowed from a reservoir into the nearby Gaffiere and Lauzon rivers. A spokesperson for France’s nuclear safety agency, Evangelia Petit, admitted that the concentration of uranium in the two rivers was 1,000 times higher than normal after the spill. Enriched uranium is highly carcinogenic and a potential source of radiation poisoning.


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Ann Garrison said...

What is this video supposed to be? I'm very anti-nuclear but also insistent on accuracy. What is this, which looks like it might even be a cut from the movie, "Lord Jim, for all I can tell. Good argument depends on accuracy and I can't even find any attempt to identify this footage or connect it to a nuclear accident. "Lord Jim" or not, it looks very much like it could be the consequence of a volcao blowing,

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