Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mossad in the UK

Tony Gosling Arrested by Police on Mossad Case (Indymedia, 26 June 2008)

"Bracht's allegations involve operations carried out on the British mainland by Israeli intelligence agents from Mossad. In particular activities at the South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue in Newcastle.

"According to Bracht she has been on the run from her home in Sunderland since Libyan intelligence officers warned her that the authorities were going to arrest her and place her children in care.

Natalie Bracht

"The Libyan agents told Bracht that her father was Moshe Baton (spelling tbc) an Israeli British intelligence officer who defected to Libya.

"She believes that Mossad helped to carry out the July 7th bombings...

"Not long after entering the UK she refused to be recruited by Rabbi Dr. Robert Ash to become undercover Mossad 'student'as part of Israeli Anti-Muslim activities in London.

"Various establishment strings pulled through increasing social services harassment to stop benefits, culminating in a fabricated legal case for social services to take away her five children.

"Two early morning phone calls alerted her to social worker/police visit in late May 2008 and she departed with children 20 minutes before police (who broke down door to find no-one at home) arrived. Natalie and her children are now 'on the run'...

"'Untouchables' - Masonic/Zionist cell centring around South Gosforth Reformed Synagogue,
1. Reformed (non-religious) Rabbi: Dr Robert Ash (organiser/handler)
2. David Abrahams (Newcastle)
3. Bernard Schaeffer (along with pretend wife wants to 'look after' five children)
4. Sir Jeremy Beecham
5. Dr. Marc Orlim Bereleowitz ('interviews' children)"

"David Hozen - Judge brought in from Manchester to rule in custody case."

- Tony Gosling Arrested by Police on Mossad Case

Dad denies claims he is nuclear scientist / Dad denies missing mum spy claims


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