Friday, July 25, 2008



Lockerbie Appeal: Making Haste Slowly

"With lots of money pouring in from Wahabiist Saudi Arabia, the PKS is exerting enormous leverage among the poor majority in Indonesia by contributing directly to mosques and Islamic schools, and by visiting people at home for tabiyah (political education tied to Islamic teachings)." - Indonesia - a little bit of Arabia in the Indian Ocean

aangirfan: The Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA in Indonesia.

EU keeps Indonesia on airline blacklist, adds Gabon

Violent movies are to blame for knife crime wave,' blasts Sir Richard Attenborough

People SHOULD confront youths who misbehave despite fear of knife crime, says police chief

Venezuela to buy more weaponry from Russia

"Zimbabwe’s economy is now reaching a new stage in its meltdown, with inflation officially running at 2.2m% a year but in reality at least four times higher. The harvest has been bad." - They agree to talk, but nobody knows where it will lead

Coca-Cola says it is the largest private-sector employer in Africa. - Africa and Coca-Cola Index of happiness?

Rising food prices pushing east Africa to disaster, warns Oxfam


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