Monday, July 28, 2008

In Turkey, the fascist generals are in bed with the Islamists?

Who is behind the terrorism in Turkey?

In the case of 9 11, it has been argued that the planners were fascists with links to more than one religion and race.

In other words, fascists in the US military worked with fascists from Moslem Saudi Arabia, Moslem Pakistan and other countries.

In Turkey, it may be that the fascist generals are in bed with the fascist Moslems.

Mustafa AKYOL, on 26 July 26 2008, in The Turkish Daily News, (The Islamist branch of Ergenekon? - Turkish Daily News Jul 26, 2008) relates the following:

1. In Turkey, the group called Ergenekon is rather 'fascist' in its beliefs. It wants Turkey to be miltarist.

2. In mid July 2008, more members of Ergenekon were arrested.

Among those detained were the editors of an Islamist magazine called Milli Çözüm, or, The National Solution.

Milli Çözüm appears to support Islamism and militarism.

It contains articles which defend the Turkish military from "unjust criticisms and heinous attacks."

3. The Islamists and the Militarists of Ergenekon seem to want Turkey to be ruled by an authoritarian state. They oppose democracy and liberalism.


Ergenekon has been accused of trying to topple the moderate government of Turkey.

Istanbul bombs kill 15 on eve of political case

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