Sunday, July 06, 2008

Glasgow East

The Glasgow East by-election is on 24 July, 2008.

"The Scottish Nationalists think they're in with a chance of taking the constituency, even though they are facing a majority of 13,507 and needing a swing of nearly 22%." - Labour face by-election in Glasgow East

"'LABOUR?' growled pensioner Davie Robb outside the Centaur Bar in Easterhouse. 'That lot are so hopeless that Chipperfield's wouldnae take them on as clowns'....

"It's an area where male life expectancy is 63 and, in pockets, the jobless rate is up to 50%." - Look who's not talking in Glasgow East

"In the East End, Labour are linked so strongly to the Catholic vote...

"46% of people live in social housing. Nearly 60% of households have no access to a car." - Labour is a patient in critical condition

Is religion a factor in Glasgow East?

Analysis: this seat could be the end of Labour

Rumbles: Give Scotland full control of economy


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