Thursday, July 24, 2008

Glasgow East - very close.

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"It is going to be tight, it is too close to call," said David Cairns, who has been in charge of the Labour campaign. Rivals admit by-election result too close to call

"Senior Nationalist strategists said they believed they would take at least 42% of the vote, making the outcome impossible to call." Rivals admit by-election result too close to call

There were almost 4,000 postal vote applications from voters. That compares with 2,000 in 2005. - Postal vote returns points to high turnout - Times Online

"At the Mecca bingo hall in Parkhead, 29-year-old Elizabeth Rilly says she will vote SNP because she is annoyed with the authorities' failure to deal with the 'junkies' causing havoc in her street. Labour tipped to hold Glasgow East

The sentiment is shared by unemployed Jim Cokeland, who describes his neighbourhood as a 'shithole' and 'like Beirut'. Gangs of youths gather regularly in the nearby park to fight with weapons including golf clubs. The 48-year-old will vote for the SNP. Labour tipped to hold Glasgow East

"Out of work for three decades in a part of Glasgow where life expectancy is lower than in Iraq, former steelworker John Graham says he's had enough of voting for Britain's governing Labour Party.

"'It's bad here, the gangs, the stabbings and the shootings,'' said Graham, 55, a navy blue quilted jacket insulating him from the chilly Scottish summer. 'It's better having a change.'

"Graham's decision to end a lifetime of support for Labour in favor of the pro-independence Scottish National Party in today's special election for the parliamentary district of Glasgow East shows the depth of Gordon Brown's unpopularity." Brown's Birthplace Sours on Him, Labour as Scottish Party Gains

Will Labour use postal vote fraud?


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