Thursday, July 17, 2008


US plans to station first diplomats in Iran since 1979

Poll reveals America is still divided over race relations as country gears up for election

Sex 'cuts public speaking stress'

KFC employee spat and urinated in policeman's food

"A Democratic House that came to power denouncing the rush to war on Iraq is about to vote to demand that Bush commit an act of war against Iran.

"The front men for 362 are liberal Gary Ackerman of New York and conservative Mike Pence of Indiana. But the juice behind them is that of the Israeli lobby AIPAC, which is marching in step with Israel." - A Phony Crisis -- and a Real One

Central America's presence grows in Venezuelan oil pact

"Shami Chakrabarti, ...the ex Home Office lawyer whose non-political Liberty winds up supporting a politician's election, one who agrees to 28 days and the loss of habeas corpus...." - David Davis - Another blody silly conspiracy theory from Lord Patel

Holodomor: Genocide by Famine

aangirfan: Sodomy, Anwar, CIA

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