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Chernobyl Memories, Cancer Deaths Haunt Turkey's Nuclear Plans

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Map from National Cancer Institute Study Estimating Thyroid Doses of I-131Received by Americans From Nevada Atmospheric Nuclear Bomb Tests. The NCI's 'worst case' estimate is that fallout from nuclear weaponstesting likely generated from 10,000 to 75,000 cases of thyroid cancer!

Chernobyl Memories, Cancer Deaths Haunt Turkey's Nuclear Plans

Bloomberg, 25 July 2008, reports on Turkey, cancer and Chernobyl.

Six of Hale Oguz's relatives have died of cancer.

She blames the deaths on the Chernobyl disaster.

She's fighting plans for a nuclear plant near her home in Sinop on Turkey's northern coast.

Turkey plans to build three nuclear power plants in the next five years.

Opponents say:

1. There is a cancer epidemic caused by Chernobyl, and this will increase due to the new nuclear power stations.

2. Turkey has lots of earthquakes.

3. Turkey has 'terrorism'.

In 2006, the Turkish Chamber of Physicians did research in the town of Hopa, on the Black Sea coast. It showed that half of all deaths there were caused by cancer and blamed the fallout from Chernobyl.

'There is a general sense that Sinop has a higher cancer rate because of Chernobyl, and I agree with this thinking,'' said Muharrem Coskuner, a doctor who heads Sinop's Chamber of Physicians.

Turkey's cancer death rate of 22 % is above the global average of 13 %, World Health Organization data show.

Hilal Atici, Greenpeace's Mediterranean energy campaigner, says Turkey has enough renewable-energy resources to meet demand.


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