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Photo of Afghan children from:

The CIA would like you to think that America and Europe are fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The reality is that the USA and NATO are fighting people who want to end the colonial occupation of their country by people who have allowed the heroin trade to flourish.

People claiming to be al-Qaeda are usually working for the security services of one country or another.

Asia Times , 24 July 2008, (Al-Qaeda's got a brand new bag by Pepe Escobar) quotes Mustafa Abu al-Yazeed, 'a senior al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan.'

Most likely, al-Yazeed is employed by the CIA to promote their propaganda.

In an interview with Pakistan's Geo TV, al-Yazeed says:

1. "There is no difference between the American people and the American government itself."

In other words, the CIA wants the American people to think they might as well support Bush.

2. "If we see this through sharia law, American people and the government itself are infidels and are fighting against Islam."

In other words, the CIA wants people to think the struggle in Afghanistan is not about gaining independence from the occupiers, but about extremist Islam.

Photo Gallery of US victims in AfghanistanThe Afghan Victim Memorial Project by Prof. Marc

3. "We have to rely on suicide attacks which are absolutely correct according to Islamic law. We have adopted this way of war because there is a huge difference between our material resources and our enemy's, and this is the only option to attack our enemy."

In other words, the CIA wants to paint the Afghan resistance as a bunch of fanatics rather than freedom fighters.

The CIA does not want people to know that suicide bombings can be faked by the CIA.

(Give a young person an 'important package' to deliver, along with a large amount of cash as a delivery fee. When the person has arrived at the delivery point, press the electronic trigger that sets off the explosives in the package. - cached text )

4. "It is the government of Pakistan which has most damaged our cause. President Musharraf violated the trust of Muslims and contributed to the destruction of the Islamic government of Afghanistan ... Musharraf and his government have made big mistakes, there is no such example in other Islamic states."

In other words, the CIA does not want people to know that it has fallen out with Musharraf and wants him toppled and wants Pakistan broken up. ( aangirfan: CIA TO TOPPLE MUSHARRAF OF PAKISTAN? / aangirfan: Accusations that the CIA murdered Benazir Bhutto)

Al-Qaeda's got a brand new bag by Pepe Escobar (of the CIA?)

Impacts of Depleted Uranium Contamination on Afghanistan's Children


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