Monday, June 02, 2008


US ECONOMY: "The real unemployment rate in the USA is between 9 and 12 %, not the 5 percent or less that is officially claimed.

"The real rate of inflation is not 2 or 3 percent, but instead, between 7 and 10 %.

"And real economic growth has been about 1 %, not the 3-4 percent officially claimed during the most recent Wall Street and housing bubble that has burst." - Behind the falsification of US economic data

UK Home Office struck £8m deal with convict jailed for MURDER plot to transport illegal migrants

"Ross is the epitome of vulgarity and as such typifies much of the BBC output. The population is increasingly thick and illiterate and the BBC is pandering to this." - Jonathan Ross is worth the money

Indonesia's poorest reeling after fuel prices jump nearly 30 percent

Bill Clinton and the Rich Women

Bomb blast in Sri Lanka targets rail commuters


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