Sunday, June 08, 2008


Indonesian children

Obama's qualities: "He came across as a person of strong character, that is what I noticed. I began to conclude that he was a person of not just strong character, but as a person of real honest-to-God integrity. It was certainly what attracted me to him, that he was very straightforward." - The Scottish professor who moulded the young Obama

"MAINTAINING AND developing the Trident nuclear warheads stationed on the Clyde is going to cost the British taxpayer a massive £18.5 billion over 13 years, according to the first official breakdown of defence nuclear spending." - Revealed: cost of keeping warheads on the Clyde

You’re safe, Mr Mugabe; we will not act

This week Save the Children UK released a report, Someone that matters: The Quality of Care in Childcare in Institutions in Indonesia, showing that financial pressures in Indonesia are driving more families to give up their children. The report found that of the some 500,000 Indonesian children in care institutions, only some 6% are actually orphans. - Economic Orphans in Indonesia on the Rise

US - UK diplomats conduct appalling


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