Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Political commentators were forced to admit that e-mails and comments posted on news web sites were overwhelmingly in favour of Davis.

"Many of them were from supporters of the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats who expressed their disgust with the fact that representatives of their own parties had failed to take such a stance, and had left it to a Tory to make the case for civil liberties...

"Opinion polls recorded an even greater increase in Conservative support..." -
Britain: Conservative MP forces by-election to challenge Labour's anti-terror legislation

Middle East: Foreign Office raises United Arab Emirates threat level

Britain 'knew about Simon Mann coup plot'

Britain: Brown assures Bush more troops for Afghanistan, no Iraq withdrawal

Amidst mounting crisis, Pakistan's new government slashes food and fuel subsidies

Kids Count report Living conditions worsen for US children

The police officers that collect full pay... for working one HOUR a day

Yes, some superfoods really ARE super - and we tell you which


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