Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama and Africa

Mukau Mutua in The Daily Nation writes that Kenyans are ecstatic about the possibility that Obama "a Kenyan-American of Luo extraction" might become president.

Ray Hartley writes in his blog The Wild Frontier for the South African Times that Obama's ascendency "has raised the hope that the US will finally assume its role as a responsible super power that will extract itself from the conflict in Iraq."

According to Hartley, Obama's win "signals the long overdue deracialization of American politics. Should he become president, it will go a long way towards removing racial loyalty from politics."

Makau Mutua writes in Kenya's The Nation ( Daily Nation NEWS EXTRA Why silence if ... ) that "the United States has had a structurally racist and exploitative relationship with Africa.

"It is partly because of these traumas that Africa is so underdeveloped and marginalised in global politics.

"That is why to America, Africa has either been an afterthought or an object of pity and charity.

"It would require an ideological shift by the U.S. to change its relationship with Africa to base it on equality, fair trade and investment, and a voice for Africans in global institutions."


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