Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mike Russell and NATO and Freemasons

Mike Russell is Minister for Environment in the SNP government in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He was elected as an SNP (Scottish National Party) Member of the Scottish Parliament for the South of Scotland in May 2007.

He has freemason connections.

He told the Sunday Herald: "I felt it was best to declare membership of the Freemasons."

(Minister steps down from Masons to avoid criticism )

Reportedly, Mike Russell wants to keep Scotland in the UK and in NATO.

(Alternative blueprint for SNP future: let’s stick with the union

Russell wants to scrap anti-NATO policy

Salmond causes rival to change ‘dangerous’ book)

SCOTLAND should remain in the UK, says Mike Russell, a leading member of the Scottish National Party.

Is Mike Russell secretly working for the oligarchs?

Should he be booted out of the Scottish National Party?

Have the security services infiltrated the Scottish National Party in order to undermine it?


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