Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost top secret documents

Postman Patel, June 2008, (HMG give TOP SECRET documents to BBC to tell everyone that habeas corpus is dead and won't ever get up again) tells us:

Just as Gormless Gordon is fighting for his political life someone 'leaves behind on a train' a folder in a plain bright ORANGE envelope marked 'TOP SECRET' containing documents which are handed in to (Thank God) .... the BBC... that Urban Myth and security expert Frank Gardner can tell us , on Newsnight, having had perhaps the mildest peek at these highly top secret documents that tell us ;

1. How terribly dreadful a threat Al Quaeda is to our children our Christian way of life, peace, security, western civilisation, trains running on time (although the ones from Luton don't always) , cats, dogs, Hazel Blears, .....

2. How corrupt, hopeless, whingeing, un Christian, grasping, dishonest, Muslim, deceitful, arabic, brown and bearded, untrustworthy , friends of the nuclear bombing Iranians, Syrans, the Iraqi Gubment is and how we must stay there forever even though maybe Al Quaeda (who are defeated in Iraq) spring up again.

So we had better lock people up for 42 days so we can find something to charge them with, even if it is only for Bed and Breakfast...

According to the Sunday Telegraph (Warning of 15-year fight against terror ), 8 July 2007, Britain's new terror minister, Admiral Sir Alan West, says the overall danger facing Britain, from both home-grown and foreign terrorists, is at its greatest ever level and that a new approach is badly needed to tackle it.

Sir Alan West calls on people to be 'a little bit un-British' and even inform on each other in an attempt to trap those plotting to take innocent lives.

West says Britain is now fighting 'a disparate core of people - based abroad primarily - whom I'm afraid are racist, they're bigoted, they seek power, they're avaricious in money terms and they talk of the caliphate.' ( aangirfan: Islamic Caliphate myth )

In 1986, Captain Alan West of the British navy removed secret documents from the Ministry of Defence 'without permission', carried them in his coat pocket when they should have been in a security briefcase, and then lost the documents. He 'failed to tell the MoD immediately of their loss'.

From 1989 to 1992 West was in charge of Naval Intelligence.

In 1997 West was appointed Chief of Defence Intelligence.

The 9 11 attacks took place on 11 September 2001.

In 2002, West was promoted to become head of the navy as First Sea Lord.

They're avaricious in money terms.

In 2006, West became Chairman of the QinetiQ Defence Advisory Board. Qinetiq is a defence technology company.

The privatisation of QinetiQ in 2002 was controversial. Qinetiq had previously been government owned.

In 2002 US private equity firm Carlyle took a 31% holding in QinetiQ for £42m.

The bin Laden family and the Bush family have had investments in the Carlyle Group.

Independent industry expert Francis Tusa, editor of the London-based newsletter Defence Analysis, said: "I can't imagine the US, Germany or France selling off the crown jewels like this, can you? There is an awful lot of specialist knowledge and it has come from public money - defence contracts." ( Labour has £1bn defence float in its sights Whitehall Guardian ... )

They're avaricious in money terms.

Admiral Sir Alan West is Gordon Brown's security minister.


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