Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fascism and Gordon Brown


In the UK, Herr Gordon Brown, with the help of the DUP (Northern Irish extremists), has won the vote on 42 day detention, with a majority of just nine votes.

The vote was 315 to 306. (Gordon Brown wins 42 day detention vote)

Mohammad Sarwar ( aangirfan: Tony Blair's Labour Party and Glasgow gangsters...), the Labour MP for Glasgow Govan, decided to back the government.

The UK Labour Party has long had links to fascism.

Gordon Brown?

Oswald Mosley joined the Labour Party.

In October 1927 Mosley was elected to the party's National Executive Committee. When Ramsay MacDonald formed his Labour Government after the 1929 General Election, he appointed Mosley as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Oswald Mosley (16 November 18963 December 1980) was the founder of the British Union of Fascists.


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