Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fake Photo by Alexandre Goulet

"He said they did it in the bedroom, the bath, everywhere. He claimed Diana liked to be domineering... Angry Ron revealed that his sister's 24-year marriage to Burrell became a sexless sham, a cover for his secret gay flings." - BURRELL: 'I had sex with Di,' boasts disgraced butler

"In a straight fight between Mr Davis and Labour, Labour scores a mere 11 per cent – three fewer than Mr MacKenzie in a similar head-to-head contest with Mr Davis." Poll reveals huge public support for David Davis's decision to force by-election over Government terror laws

Bush 'may convert to Catholicism'

Supreme Court ruling cripples Guantanamo trials

Salmond: 'Stone of Destiny is fake'

ISAF and Coalition Continue to bomb the shit out of Iraq and Afghan in the name of Freedom and to win Hearts and Minds



Anonymous said...

The Hill of Tara holds a stone of destiny maybe thats the genuine one

Anon said...


We must look into this.

We like your blog.

- Aangirfan

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