Saturday, June 14, 2008


Nicolas Sarkozy plans to bypass Irish no vote

A Voltaire Network collaborator jailed in Berlin

News to shock and chill the miserable inhabitants of Jockistan! - Nation Building

Britain and US 'complicit in war crimes by Ethiopian military'

Sure...American Jews Love Israel...But Does Israel Love American Jews?

Beware the Chicago boys

David Davis .... touching a nerve in the country

"Every few months there is a new baseless rumor about an American-Israeli attack on Iran, an attack which the oil markets know would result in an Iranian response which would lead to (at least) $300-a-barrel oil. It is this tension which is ratcheting up the price, not oil shortages or speculation.

"The Old American Establishment isn't behind this, as it will be massively damaged by the kind of world recession that higher oil prices are leading us to. It is pure Zionism. Zionists are the only group that benefits from general Mid-East tension. Failure to call it like it is is, out of fears of facing the slur, is leading to a massive economic disaster which will have huge negative effects on people, particularly poor people, all over the world." - permanent link


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