Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comments by the public on David Davis

Comments on David Davis

1. at the Spectator website (The Passion of David Davis)

"From a review of comments at the BBC, Guardian and Guido, Davies seems to be getting a good reaction across the board. A few say it's cynical or moan about the cost, but most see it as a principled stand.David Cameron needs to make it clear that he's 100% behind Davies..." - Mark

"Davis deserves all the admiration and support the (non political class) public are now heaping on him (just look at the non-aligned websites and blogs)." - Max Kaye

"It must be odd coming across a politician who is prepared to sacrifice a stab at high office for his principles.

"I bet DD will be deluged by public support in the real world (do you journos know where it is?), not least out of surprise that a modern politician would stand up for his beliefs, even at the possible cost of his career." - Chingford Man

"Davis means it, and that's not weird unless viewed by someone corrupted by exposure to the sleazy self-serving actions of the vast majority of politicians.And it's not just about 42 days." - Kevyn Bodman

"Hero." - Verity

"I applaud Mr Davis. I think his message will resonate with all fair minded folk." - Full Steam Ahead

"He means every word and thats why they, the media, will rip him apart." - Emma

"More power to his elbow, say I. Let's hope his stand encourages a few more politicians to act on their principles.

"I'm fed up with unprincipled spin and spivery from both the major parties.

"Seems to me that the Tories elected the wrong leader. Understandable I suppose as they were so mesmerised by Bliar's apparent invincibility that they chose a clone.

"If DD were to leave the Tories and form a party I'd follow. He's a true leader, not a follower of focus groups like most of the rest of them." - wonderfulforhisage

"Davis is spot on. It's time to make a stand for our liberties against this evil, authoritarian, unaccountable, unelected Government." - Bishop Brennan

"When you read some of the posts here you realise how pathetic, self-centred and small-minded the elite of this society has become during the Labour years.

"Are you now so morally corrupted that you cannot see INTEGRITY when the real thing is before you. You make me sick.

"The man is a bloody hero - and you just cannot see it. Davis, may the FORCE be with you." - GiantRabbit

"We should expect, therefore, every attempt to be made by Labour and the Tories and their media surrogates to ignore this issue and the by-election.

"However, to all you Freedom Lovers I hold out one big hope. DD is a fighter and a hardened battle strategist so he will have anticipated this unholy alliance of Dave and Gordon, so the likes of d'Ancona, Finkelstein and the BBC might not be able to bury this issue quite as easily as Dave and Godrdon might wish." - TGF UKIP

2. From the Independent newspaper's blog site (IndyBlogs: Today in Politics: Why David Davis resigned) :

"At last an MP is standing for his principals of common sense and real issue of this anti terror law. Mr Davis should be commended for his action and more MP's should follow suit. Those that voted this 42 farce in should hang their heads in shame and those who caved in to bribes should have no place in politics at all." - John Finningham

"It's clearly impossible for any political columnist to imagine that any politician could act beyond party politics and on an issue of principle. Would such a columnist recognise an issue of principle if it were spelled out to him in words of one syllable? I doubt it.

"It is in part due to the moral vacuity of journalists that civil liberties in Britain have reached such a shockingly low state. Good on David Davis, I'd say, and I hope that once this New Labour government is obliterated at the next election it no longer has the opportunity to ruin the liberty of the individual, or British foreign policy, in my lifetime." - Neil Gardner

"I find it extraordinary that I find myself agreeing with every word spoken by a shadow cabinet member of the conservative party." - David Westbury

"Davis is not my cup of tea but large hats off to him for taking a principled stand." - David Knopfler

"God bless David Davis. This is an Englishman to be proud of. At long last. I shed a tear when I listened to his resignation speech and that's the first time a politican has ever done that.
Shame on those Labour MPs who sold us out for the career of an unelected Scotsman, who has no business to be meddling in English laws anyway.

"Magna Carta is almost 1,000 years old. Gordon Brown destroyed it in less than 1 year, with the willing assistance of his cronies. I will NEVER vote Labour for as long as I live. May they rot in the shadows forevermore.

"Go, David. Most of England will be singing your praises for this. Ignore the sniping media. They've never spoken for us anyway." - Hobgoblin


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