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"Political commentators were forced to admit that e-mails and comments posted on news web sites were overwhelmingly in favour of Davis.

"Many of them were from supporters of the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats who expressed their disgust with the fact that representatives of their own parties had failed to take such a stance, and had left it to a Tory to make the case for civil liberties...

"Opinion polls recorded an even greater increase in Conservative support..." -
Britain: Conservative MP forces by-election to challenge Labour's anti-terror legislation

Middle East: Foreign Office raises United Arab Emirates threat level

Britain 'knew about Simon Mann coup plot'

Britain: Brown assures Bush more troops for Afghanistan, no Iraq withdrawal

Amidst mounting crisis, Pakistan's new government slashes food and fuel subsidies

Kids Count report Living conditions worsen for US children

The police officers that collect full pay... for working one HOUR a day

Yes, some superfoods really ARE super - and we tell you which


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Increasing deaths from malnutrition in Indonesia, the classic New World Order state.

1. In Surabaya ... one of the largest cities in Indonesia, the first cases of child deaths from malnutrition were registered last year. Food Crisis: Malnutrition in Indonesia on the rise

2. "At least 21 toddlers have died of malnutrition in East Nusa Tenggara in eastern Indonesia in recent months due to a food shortage that threatens the lives of thousands more children, a local health official said on 12 June 2008.

"An additional 116 youngsters have been admitted to clinics and hospitals in critical condition." Malnutrition kills 21 Indonesia toddlers - Boston.com

According to the Jakarta Post, 16 June 2008, most national newspapers ignored the news completely.

"Perhaps they felt it was not worth a mention because it is now a daily occurrence in Indonesia, and there is nothing we can do about it.

The insensitivity "of the central government and politicians in Jakarta, who are probably too busy preparing for elections next year, is tragic if not to say disturbing." - Jakarta Post, 16 June 2008.

An activist pointed to "a Rp 15 billion (US$1.6 million) ongoing rehabilitation project of the Kupan municipality governor's official residence and a Rp 2 billion allocation for a project to prevent malnutrition.

"If the malnutrition fund was distributed to the 512,407 toddlers suffering from malnutrition in the province, they would receive .... 42 US cents each." - Jakarta Post, 16 June, 2008.

3. In the Indonesian half of the island of Timor ... 60 percent of the two million children are under-developed due to inadequate nutrition and 13 percent are in a worrying condition
Food Crisis: Malnutrition in Indonesia on the rise

Malnutrition in the Indonesian half-island of West Timor to levels "higher than in Africa," aid group Church World Service has said.

A survey of 4,800 households by the group found 61.1 percent of children under five in the region were stunted due to chronic malnutrition, while 13.1 percent of children were acutely malnourished. - Malnutrition in eastern Indonesia 'higher than in Africa': aid group

4. The situation has worsened with the rise in global food prices, including the price of rice and soya, the staple foods of the poor within the Indonesian population. Food Crisis: Malnutrition in Indonesia on the rise

Indonesia could be considered the classic new world order state.

Indonesia has an increasing number of billionaires and an increasing number of starving people.

It was the USA that put the military into power in Indonesia in 1965, and the military still pulls the strings.

The Indonesian elite increasingly use militarism and religious FUNDAMENTALISM to keep the FEUDAL SYSTEM in place.

Andre Vltchek, at Japan Focus (here), has written an excellent article about Indonesia:

"The New Face of Indonesia’s Islamic Fundamentalism: Pornography Ban Ignores the Starving"

"While the nation was off guard, distracted by soaring food prices, a collapsing road system and general hopelessness, the House of Representatives on March 25th 2008 passed a bill banning all pornographic websites, threatening to jail users and providers who will now face up to three years in prison or a substantial fine...

"At dark intersections, street children are begging, some offering themselves to exhausted motorists. Women carrying infants are begging next to the exhaust pipes of the cars...

"Several parts of the country have introduced Islamic sharia by-laws banning unaccompanied women from leaving the house after sunset. Muslim women are ordered to wear headscarves...

"Fully covered little girls are now a common site in some Jakarta neighborhoods as well as in many rural areas of Java...

"Of course the fight against corruption has stalled. It is too much to expect Indonesian Representatives to fight against graft, considering that many if not most amassed their own fortunes illegally.

"It is easier to attack images of lovemaking or sex than powerful people who are robbing the poorest of the poor...

"Just a few days before the bill was passed, I drove through the crowded and depressing streets of Jakarta. Howling sirens pushed me to the curb.

"Several escort vehicles and motorbikes drove by, protecting a brand new Porsche Cayenne 4WD. It was a vehicle of a legislators, a man who should be saving for a Honda Civic on his official salary. A few feet away, street children were playing barefoot in the gutter, one of them showing clear signs of malnutrition. Forgive me, but I call that pornography.

"While the government is fighting Internet porn, tens of millions of Indonesian women are forced by poverty and hopelessness into the countless brothels in Surabaya, Batam and Jakarta.

"Millions of women who are raped or get pregnant out of wedlock are abandoning their infants and children, some of whom are left in the garbage bins or on the street.

"Country girls go or are sent by their families as 'maids' into sexual slavery in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East. As they leave Indonesia, they wear headscarves, so the state need not worry about their fate..."

(Andre Vltchek—novelist, journalist, filmmaker and playwright—is a Japan Focus associate. His recent novel – Point of No Return –shows the New Order through the eyes of war as a correspondent.)

Malnourished Indonesian
Photo of Billionaire Indonesian government minister Bakrie

In 2006, Aburizal Bakrie was number 6 on the Forbes list of Indonesia’s richest people ( he was worth $1.2 billion )

Bakrie is a government minister. He is the Co-ordinating minister for the Peoples’ Welfare.

Now, in 2007, Bakrie is Indonesia's richest person.

Aburizal Bakrie and family (Bakrie Group): $5.4 billion

Sukanto Tanoto (April and Asian Agri): $4.7 billion
R. Budi Hartono: $3.14 billion
Michael Hartono (Budi and Michael Hartono, part owners of Djarum and BCA): $3.08 billion
Eka Tjipta Widjaja and family (Sinar Mas Group): $2.8 billion
Putera Sampoerna and family (Sampoerna Strategic): $2.2 billion
Martua Sitorus (Wilmar International): $2.1 billion
Rachman Halim and family (Gudang Garam): $1.6 billion
Peter Sondakh (Rajawali Group): $1.45 billion.
Eddy William Katuari and family (Wings Group): $1.39 billion
(Sources: Aburizal Bakrie 1 forbes )

Mysteriously, the Suharto family does not appear on the list.

In 2004 Bakrie was Indonesia's chief economic minister.[4] [5]

Bakrie was accused of nepotism. [6] In 2005, he became the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare.

In May 2006 a drilling hole at Porong, Sidoarjo that was constructed without protective casings by PT Lapindo Brantas, a mining company of the Bakrie conglomerate, started a continuous release of hot mud that made many people homeless and threatens the local economy in East Java.

The May 1998 riots in Jakarta, apparently organised by the CIA and elements of the military, changed very little in Indonesia.

In 1998 Suharto stepped down and elections were held.

But, the generals, and families like the Suhartos, still pull the strings.

Indonesia's President Yudhoyono is a former Suharto general.

Melody Kemp, at onlineopinion.com, 10 January 2008, has an utterly brilliant article on Indonesia entitled:

The good, the bad and the hopeful - reflecting on Indonesia

She writes:

The old town known as Kota (in Jakarta) ... is now a no-go area where violence and drug taking have escalated...

Toll roads still owned by the Soeharto family, are groaning with cars...

People look more stressed than before. As the cost of living hikes leave more and more poor behind, crime and meaningless jobs multiply alongside each other...

And the rich are richer... We stayed at the very popular Novotel... The hotel is now surrounded by multimillion dollar homes. Huge mansions bristling with stainless steel three-storey high windows and doubtless, an alarming number of bathrooms. I wondered hopefully if the owners paid taxes.

For the first time an Indonesian, the Minister for Social Welfare, made the list of Forbes 100 richest men. He is at the centre of the case of the ongoing destructive mud eruptions in East Java that have made life misery for many Indonesians. And for which the good Minister for Social Welfare refuses to take any responsibility.

Indonesia’s problem is not poverty but distribution. And the powers-that-be continue to refuse to acknowledge this - as do aid donors, including Australia. Policies that favour the rich, such as education fees, are still promulgated by the World Bank, eager it seems to live up to its reputation as an instrument of blind capitalism...

The World Bank, we were told by one of their consultants, had earmarked a US$800 million loan, ready to go.

Apparently no planning guidelines, or projects had been identified, nor guidelines for disbursal, monitoring or evaluation. It was simply a “give ‘em the loan and saddle ‘em with debt” strategy...

Soeharto, in effect, turned Indonesia into one huge franchising operation from which he and his family profited; and continue to do so.

The recent Bali Climate Carnival was held in Soeharto-owned hotels. While Sadam killed thousands and was hanged, Soeharto stole from and killed millions, and lives on. Justice is not a notable feature of Indonesia, or of American patronage...

The ABC Asian news services recently trumpeted that Jema’ah Islamiya had a membership of 9,000 ... What they failed to add was that in a population of 260 million, 9,000 does not represent recruitment success.

Repeatedly Islamic parties do poorly in the elections. Radical Islam is less popular than Family First.

But that could change. Officials in the Ministry of Religion are beginning to acknowledge that Indonesia could soon be an Islamic state given current Western inspired wars, impoverishment of Muslim communities, ongoing judicial corruption and mismanagement of community conflicts and misdirected aid...

Islamic schools are free and are used increasingly by the poor in the wake of user-pays education cost rises...

Indonesian’s major complaint to me was that user-pays education excludes the poor ...

Into this come the Muslim carpetbaggers from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia using Syhari’a principles to influence Indonesian children to take up the puritan form that they espouse.

I noticed a greater number of swathed heads and long gowns as well as an increase in the number of tragic threadbare beards...

But the message is the Saudi influence is biting.

The way to combat radical Islam is not by weapons, spies and training police, but by supporting the majority of moderate Muslims who want a good education for their children to open the doors of opportunity for which they don’t have the key.

There are lots of palatial new mosques being built in Indonesia, the world's biggest Moslem country.

Meanwhile state hospitals and state schools are as neglected as any in the Congo; the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.

Indonesia is a democracy and its government opposes Islamic extremism?


Indonesia's President, Susilo Bangbang Yudhoyono, was one of Suharto's generals. Yudhoyono was trained in America.

Suharto married a Catholic and some of his key generals were Christian.

Suharto used the Islamists to do his dirty work, frustrate democracy and help keep the elite in power.

Suharto sided with the orthodox Moslems against the pro-democracy moderate Moslems.

President Yudhoyono, friend of America, may be little different from Suharto.

"In 2004-06, there was a spate of attacks by hardline Islamist militias, such as the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)... The FPI’s 2005 march on the Liberal Islam Network headquarters and verbal threats to their leadership was not prosecuted by the state...

"Jemaah Islamiyah, the regional terrorist group, is not a proscribed entity in Indonesia. Mere membership in JI is not a crime and many JI leaders, such as Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and Muhammad Iqbal Rahman (Abu Jibril), freely proselytize..." - Islamist Thuggery and Official Complacency Challenge Secular ...

The British military, the American military and the Indonesian military have long used the Moslem extremists to promote their right-wing agenda.

"Cabinet papers show that British spies, including MI6, supported Islamic guerrillas in order to destabilise Sukarno." (Revealed: Healey admits role in British dirty tricks campaign to overthrow Indonesia's President Sukarno, By Paul Lashmar and James Oliver, The Independent - 16 April 2000) The Secret State: MI5 (Home Office/MoD), The Security Service and ...

Indonesian special forces regiment Kopassus is trained by the Americans.

Kopassus 'set up a Moslem terror group called Komando Jihad.'

According to Dr Damien Kingsbury, head of philosophical, political and international studies at Deakin University: "Kopassus... has engaged in... hostage rescue missions. The first was in 1981, when a Garuda aircraft was hijacked.... Kopassus... set up the Islamic organisation Komando Jihad that hijacked the plane in 1981 and which has since emerged as Jemaah Islamiah." We must not get back in bed with Kopassus - theage.com.au

Jakarta human-rights activist Bonar Naipospos told Asia Times Online: "General Suparman is one of the generals who was behind the extremist Jihad groups. He set up militias composed of gangsters and religious fanatics to counter student demonstrations in 1998. One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, became the embryo of Laskar Jihad." Asia Times We must not get back in bed with Kopassus - theage.com.au

According to a news story in the Sydney Morning Herald, November 2, 2002:

"Some time around the 30 October 2002, senior officers in the Indonesian military HQ gave a piece of information to a military attache from a Western embassy in Indonesia -the source of explosive used in the October 12 bombing in Bali was the head of the counter-terrorism unit with the army's special forces."

The father-in-law of the officer concerned is Hendropriyono, Indonesia's spy chief.

Allegedly, Kuwaiti citizen Omar Al Faruq played a part in the Bali bomb plot. Al Faruq was arrested in Bogor on June 5, 2002 and handed over to US authorities. Al Faruq was able to escape from custody.

Former Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board (BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang was quoted by Tempo as saying that Al-Faruq was a CIA-recruited agent.

The airline manifest of Garuda airlines shows that at least two generals from Jakarta visited Bali three days before the bombings and that they returned to Jakarta one day before the Sari Club was blown up. This was confirmed by armed forces chief General Sutarto, who claimed that General Djaja Suparman was on vacation, while General Ryamizard Riyacudu, chief of staff, was said to have gone to Bali for health reasons.

Malnutrition you may not get to hear about in the ...

Malnutrition Preys on Indonesian Infants

Another infant death case of malnutrition reported in Indonesia


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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:2007_WSJ_Prince_William.jpg Photo by Alexandre Goulet

"He said they did it in the bedroom, the bath, everywhere. He claimed Diana liked to be domineering... Angry Ron revealed that his sister's 24-year marriage to Burrell became a sexless sham, a cover for his secret gay flings." - BURRELL: 'I had sex with Di,' boasts disgraced butler

"In a straight fight between Mr Davis and Labour, Labour scores a mere 11 per cent – three fewer than Mr MacKenzie in a similar head-to-head contest with Mr Davis." Poll reveals huge public support for David Davis's decision to force by-election over Government terror laws

Bush 'may convert to Catholicism'

Supreme Court ruling cripples Guantanamo trials

Salmond: 'Stone of Destiny is fake'

ISAF and Coalition Continue to bomb the shit out of Iraq and Afghan in the name of Freedom and to win Hearts and Minds


Lockerbie, the CIA, Ho Chi Minh.


1. Dr Hans Köchler, the UN special observer to the Lockerbie trial, has stated that the appeal by Megrahi had more in common with an "intelligence operation" than a judicial process.

Köchler has written: 'A fair trial requires the availability of evidence to both the prosecution and defence. Only in a totalitarian system would the executive power interfere in court proceedings and order the withholding of evidence and/or replace defence lawyers by approved lawyers.'

Köchler also criticised Scottish parliamentarians, civic society and the Scottish media for failing to challenge the verdict of the court.
UN observer slams Megrahi appeal process


2. Do the security services control Scotland and similar countries?

Former CIA agent Philip Agee wrote 'Inside the Company: CIA Diary' (New York, 1975).

Agee wrote that, in Ecuador, almost all political organizations were infiltrated by the CIA, often at the highest levels.

Agee explained that in Ecuador Various CIA front organisations were set up. These spewed out propaganda. A well-known personality would deliver a speech prepared by the CIA, and then a newspaper editor, or a well-known columnist, would praise it, both gentlemen being on the CIA payroll.

Union leaders were taken over by the CIA.

In virtually every department of the Ecuadorean government there were people working for the CIA.

At one point, the Agency could count amongst this number the men who were second and third in power in the country.

CIA agents would bomb churches or right-wing organizations and make it appear to be the work of leftists.

They would march in left-wing parades displaying signs and shouting slogans of a very provocative anti-military nature.

3. What happens in Ecuador seemingly happens in Scotland and England.

Remember the Lockerbie Bomb?

An internal investigation by Pan Am is believed to have found that the bomb planted on Flight 103 was NOT put on the plane in Malta.

The Pan Am report is believed to have concluded that the bomb was not aimed at the killing of Americans in general, but was targeted specifically to kill a small band of DIA operatives that had uncovered a drugs ring run by a CIA unit in Lebanon.

The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad agents.

4. Why do some Scots believe that justice was done at the Lockerbie bomb trial? Because they have been deceived by the CIA.

LOCKERBIE - There were many advance warnings that a bomb was going to be placed on a US aircraft at Frankfurt airport.

For example, on 5 December 1988, the US Embassy in Helsinki had a telephone warning that "within the next two weeks" an attempt would be made to place a bomb aboard a Pan Am flight from Frankfurt to New York. On 18 december 1988 the German BKA was tipped off about a bomb plot against Pan Am 103 in the next two or three days.

Pan Am Flight 103 hit Lockerbie on 21 December 1988.

On that flight "were at least 2 US Intelligence agents and a Mr Khalid Nazir Jafaar."

The Dumfries and Galloway police began to investigate.

But for two days it was "difficult" for them to collect evidence as "CIA agents combed the countryside for the luggage of the dead American intelligence agents and a suitcase full of heroin.... 59 bodies were left lying around Lockerbie until 24 December... but by then there were only 58 bodies..." according to former DIA agent Lester Coleman


5. The Lockerbie judges considered the evidence of Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci, who provided the only visual identification of al-Megrahi as having been the person who allegedly bought clothes that were found, or planted , at the crash site, and were thought to be in the same suitcase as the bomb.

Gauci’s evidence was upheld despite numerous discrepancies over the date, time, weather, which football matches were on the television and even whether or not Christmas decorations were up. Gauci had previously identified a member of a Palestinian group, Abu Talb, as being the person who 'bought the clothes'. Abu Talb does not look like al-Megrahi.

6. The Lockerbie Bomb trial suggested that something is going badly wrong in Scotland.

The Sunday Herald 08/04/2001 : "THE United Nations has savaged the Crown Office's handling of the Lockerbie trial claiming the outcome was rigged through the unfair suppression of evidence; it was politically influenced by the USA; and the court had no grounds to return a guilty verdict.

"Dr Hans Kochler, who was handpicked by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to act as the international observer during the trial in Holland, hinted that the trial was rigged, claimed the guilty verdict handed down in February to Abdelbasset Ali Mohamed Al Megrahi was "arbitrary" and "irrational" and gave his tacit support for an acquittal at the planned appeal."

23 May, 2000: It was revealed by sections of the Scottish press that the deputy director of the Lockerbie trial briefing unit at Glasgow University, Professor Andrew Fulton, was an MI6 intelligence officer. The unit was supposed to provide "impartial and objective" legal information about the trial and was much used by the TV news programmes. 24/05/00 THE SCOTSMAN: "Prof Fulton has been 'on holiday' since it was revealed that during his 30 year diplomatic career he was a key memberof the MI6 secret service in Europe, Asia and America."

7. Speaking after the Lockerbie Bomb trial, Dr Jim Swires, whose daughter, Flora, was killed in the explosion said, “We think there has been miscarriage of justice." Professor Robert Black, the lawyer who has worked closely with the relatives for many years and the architect of the trial process itself, also described the trial as a miscarriage of justice. He told the Scotsman, “We have not seen the end of this case... There is a hell of lot of more evidence that appeared neither at the trial or the appeal.”


8. In 1965 CIA boss Angleton, and President Johnson, decided to commission a report on Britain's secret services.

This report recommended sending more spies to Britain. It seemed that the CIA was going to treat Britain like Indonesia o r Pakistan. In order to ensure that there was an elite which would support US interests, the CIA would try to gain control of MI5 and MI6, use dirty tricks to get rid of anti-American politicians, and place pro-American puppets into positions of power.

In 1996, in the Guardian, Martin Kettle suggested that New Labour was all about Britain being in with the Americans.

In a talk to Labour Party branches in 1996, Robin Ramsay (Lobster Magazine) pointed out some interesting links between New labour and the USA- Jonathan Powell, Blair's top man in Downing Street, used to work in Britain's Washington embassy and is suspected by some of having been our spook liaising with the CIA.

The US encouraged large numbers of Labour MPs to take free trips to America (Israel also invited a large number of Labour MPs to Israel).

In 1986 Tony Blair went on a US-sponsored trip to America and came back a supporter of the nuclear deterrent.

In 1993 Blair attended a Bilderberg Group meeting (secretive right wing organisation) and not long afterwards became Labour leader.

Four of the Blair cabinet have been members of the Anglo-American elite group the British American Project. Three of the Blair cabinet have attended Bilderberg meetings.

Peter Mandelson become Chair of British Youth Council which began as the British section of the World Assembly of Youth, which was set up and financed by MI6 and then taken over by the CIA in the 1950s. By Mandelson's time in the mid1970s the British Youth Council was said to be financed by the Foreign Office or MI6. According to Ramsay, 'Peter Mandelson has been around MI6 since his early 20s'.

Old Labour is the domestic economy; New Labour is the overseas British economy. In other words, the multinationals, the City of London, and the Foreign Office which represents their interests.'

And the unions? According to Ramsay: "The CIA also ran the anti-communist international trade union movement, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, the ICFTU..By the mid 1950s nearly a quarter of the TUC's annual budget was going to the ICFTU, a CIA operation.

And the press? According to Ramsay, the security services may be planting disinformation in the media. "Tomlinson told us about the 20-strong I/Ops - Information Operations - unit in that shiny building on the Thames." And sometimes the information is confusing.

Ramsay writes: "does Gaddafi have Taiwanese Scuds (MI5 story planted in the Sunday Times) or North Korean missiles (MI6 story planted in the Sunday Telegraph.... The Sunday Times was a serious, respectable newspaper until Andrew Neil became its editor in the mid-1980s and turned it into a mouth-piece for MI5 and the MOD to run their rubbish through. The Sunday Telegraph shows all the signs of going down the same dangerous path."

9. It looks like the Anglo-American-Israeli elite (mafia-fascists) are in charge.

Now here is an interesting quote about what may be happening: 'There has been a gradual erosion of civil liberties, an increase in the influence of the army, and an acceptance of corruption among public servants. Vast fortunes have been accumulated by a small group who use their wealth to control the Senate.'

That was a description of the Roman Empire, but it could equally be a description of the present-day Britain, or the US Empire or the former Soviet Empire. It is conspiracies from within, rather than conspiracies from without, which often lead to the collapse of empires.

In 1991, Paul Henderson, managing director of machine tools company Matrix Churchill, was in court facing a seven year jail sentence for selling to Iraq materials that could be used for military purposes. Government ministers tried to prevent the court from discovering the truth - that Paul Henderson had been working for the British government as a secret agent for 17 years. Eventually the truth about Henderson came out. But why had we been helping Iraq?

The July 29, 1991 issue of TIME MAGAZINE stated :"B.C.C.I. is the largest corporate criminal enterprise ever... the most pervasive money-laundering operation ...ever created for the likes of Manuel Noriega, Ferdinand Marcos, Saddam Hussein and the Columbian drugs lords."

B.C.C.I. Got into the U.S. banking industry by secretly buying the shares of First American Bank, whose chairman is Clark Clifford- a founder of the CIA.

According to sources, "B.C.C.I. was engaged in international bribery, blackmail, and assassination of government officials at the highest levels. The CIA used B.C.C.I. to facilitate funding of the Contras, illegal arms sales to Iran and Iraq as well as the arms supply to the Afghan resistance...

"B.C.C.I. maintained accounts for Contra leader Adolfo Calero and Sandanista leader, Daniel Ortega, as well as such disparate figures as Noriega, Saddam, Marcos, Adnan Khashoggi, the PLO, the Mossad and the governments of China, Argentina, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Peru."

The bank was seemingly financing both sides in a number of conflicts.

Who gained? The arms and drugs industries.

Cynics might say that wars help the ruling elites to stay in power.

And here are some strange 'facts' picked up from various sources:

The U.S. sold $50 billion dollars worth of weapons to Iraq before the first gulf war.

Libya was supplied with hundreds of Green Beret trainers and 42,000 lbs of C-4 plastic explosives prior to U.S. attacks on Libya.

The U.S financed the Kama River truck plant which produced the trucks for Russia's Afghanistan invasion and built the highways used by the Russian tanks.

The day General McArthur signed the peace treaty with Japan half the weapons stored on Okinawa were shipped to Ho Chi Minh and General Giap who met these shipments at the docks of Hai Phong harbor with Lucien Conein, the CIA case officer for Diem.

Jonathan Kwitny's book, The Crimes of Patriots, a True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money and the CIA, (Simon & Shuster 1987) is an expose of the alleged role of the CIA in the drugs business. Kwitny refers to the Nugan-Hand Bank- an Australian money laundering operation set up to facilitate Golden Triangle heroin trafficking. Major officers of the bank "included Admiral Buddy Yates (President), General Erle thingye, General Edwin Black, General LeRoy Manor, and ex-CIA Director, William Colby with other CIA affiliated persons too numerous to mention."

10. Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia.....

"Lange says US threatened to kill him."

That was the story from New Zealand's Independent newspapers Ltd on 27 March 2002.

Former US vice-president Dan Quayle reportedly told the Australian Cabinet that David lange, New Zealand Prime Minister from 1984-89, "would have to be liquidated."

Mr Lange made the claim in a television interview about the pressure put on him over New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance during his time as prime minister.

"There were personal pressures," he said. "There were veiled threats. There were specific threats. There were threats made to other countries. (It) was announced to the Australian Cabinet at one stage that I would have to be liquidated."

He said the announcement had been made by Mr Quayle during a visit to Australia in 1989.

Asked to repeat what Mr Quayle said, Mr Lange said: "I'd have to be liquidated."

Former New Zealand Labour Party president Bob Harvey suggested in 1999 that prime minister Norman Kirk had been poisoned by the CIA in 1974.


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Nicolas Sarkozy plans to bypass Irish no vote

A Voltaire Network collaborator jailed in Berlin

News to shock and chill the miserable inhabitants of Jockistan! - Nation Building

Britain and US 'complicit in war crimes by Ethiopian military'

Sure...American Jews Love Israel...But Does Israel Love American Jews?

Beware the Chicago boys

David Davis .... touching a nerve in the country

"Every few months there is a new baseless rumor about an American-Israeli attack on Iran, an attack which the oil markets know would result in an Iranian response which would lead to (at least) $300-a-barrel oil. It is this tension which is ratcheting up the price, not oil shortages or speculation.

"The Old American Establishment isn't behind this, as it will be massively damaged by the kind of world recession that higher oil prices are leading us to. It is pure Zionism. Zionists are the only group that benefits from general Mid-East tension. Failure to call it like it is is, out of fears of facing the slur, is leading to a massive economic disaster which will have huge negative effects on people, particularly poor people, all over the world." - permanent link


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Ron Paul on Obama

Irish vote against European Union Lisbon treaty

Good news:

"Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern says substantial vote tallies across the country show the European Union Lisbon reform treaty has been rejected.

"Mr Ahern says it is clear the No vote is ahead in a vast majority of constituencies.

"This would scupper the treaty, which must be ratified by all members. Only Ireland has held a public vote on it..." ( BBC NEWS Europe 'Strong show' for Irish No vote)

"If the Irish people decide to reject the treaty of Lisbon, naturally, there will be no Treaty of Lisbon," French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on 12 June 2008.


Corporations Plan To Pull Plug On The Free Internet

Corporations Plan To Pull Plug On The Free Internet


The Fanatical Islamist

'My Friend the Fanatic - Travels with an Indonesian Islamist' tells the story of Indian journalist Sadanand Dhume's journey across Indonesia in 2004. ( My Friend the Fanatic )

Patung, at Indonesia Matters, has written an excellent review of the book.

The book suggests that, in Indonesia, fanatical Islam may have become a stronger force than globalisation.

The 'Fanatic' is Herry Nurdi who reportedly worries about Christian evangelists, Mossad, Zionists, freemasons and George Bush.

Dhume tells us that 'fanatics' like Nurdi do not like Yudhoyono, the former Suharto general who became Indonesia's president in 2004.

Herry believes that the American-trained Yudhoyono is backed by America.

Herry prefers General Wiranto, whose wife has worn full Islamic dress, including the headscarf.

Herry comes across as someone who is quite likeable but somewhat poorly educated and somewhat naive, especially about people like Wiranto.

Herry seems not to have considered that members of the rich elite promote Islamisation in order to keep themselves in power.

(Wiranto was once seen as secular and very close to the Pentagon. Reportedly he masterminded the East Timor rampage - Foreign Policy In Focus Global Affairs Commentary Paul ...)

http://www.nicholsoncartoons.com.au/cartoon_56.html / http://www.nicholsoncartoons.com.au/cartoon_56.html

Dhume refers in his book to 'the cheaply earned moral smugness of the jilbab' (headscarf) .... 'shorthand in my mind for some education and little imagination.'

Patung, in his review, writes:

"The impression one gets is of people spending so much of their energy building more and more mosques, then walking to the mosques, going through the prescribed motions in them, and walking back from them, many times a day.

"Meanwhile the peoples of comparable nations like Vietnam, China and India are said to be beavering away learning science and building factories."

Patung writes:

"The overall message of the book is that Islamist political and cultural forces are gaining the upper hand in Indonesia, most starkly seen in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Justice Party (PKS) ... still a fairly minor party."

(The Muslim Brotherhood reportedly has links to the CIA, something which the 'Fanatic' would not know. aangirfan: The Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA in Indonesia; the ... / aangirfan: The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in ... )

Patung writes that the influence of the PKS may be exaggerated:

"It is said that South Sulawesi is a 'stronghold' of the PKS.

"However it would be far more accurate to say that the province is a stronghold of Golkar (Suharto's party).

"...But a minor complaint... It is a highly well written and entertaining read, My Friend the Fanatic is more than recommended."

Read other reviews of the book at Dhume’s website, http://www.sadananddhume.com/.

The use of militant Moslems in Russia, China, India & Indonesia.


Ex-policeman arrested in Jersey child abuse probe

On 12 June 2008, a 50-year-old ex-police officer was arrested in connection with the child abuse investigation at the former Jersey children's home, Haut de la Garenne, and elsewhere in Jersey. (Ex-policeman held in Jersey child abuse probe)

The man was arrested on suspicion of "serious crimes."

Reportedly he worked as a volunteer at the home before leaving the force to work with the Jersey children's service.

The man is the fourth arrested as part of the inquiry and the third to be connected with Haut de la Garenne.

Police have excavated four secret underground chambers at the building, referred to as punishment rooms by some victims, and have found shackles, a large blood stained bath and children's teeth.

26 teeth have been found in the cellars and one was found in a cistern in the courtyard.

Police said tests on the teeth revealed that most were "very unlikely to have come out naturally before death".

Police have also found at least 30 charred human bone fragments and in one cellar found the haunting message "I've been bad for years and years" scrawled on a wooden post.

Of the bone fragments unearthed, tests have shown that some were cut while others were burnt, indicating that homicide had taken place with the victims' bodies possibly cremated in a fireplace.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comments by the public on David Davis

Comments on David Davis

1. at the Spectator website (The Passion of David Davis)

"From a review of comments at the BBC, Guardian and Guido, Davies seems to be getting a good reaction across the board. A few say it's cynical or moan about the cost, but most see it as a principled stand.David Cameron needs to make it clear that he's 100% behind Davies..." - Mark

"Davis deserves all the admiration and support the (non political class) public are now heaping on him (just look at the non-aligned websites and blogs)." - Max Kaye

"It must be odd coming across a politician who is prepared to sacrifice a stab at high office for his principles.

"I bet DD will be deluged by public support in the real world (do you journos know where it is?), not least out of surprise that a modern politician would stand up for his beliefs, even at the possible cost of his career." - Chingford Man

"Davis means it, and that's not weird unless viewed by someone corrupted by exposure to the sleazy self-serving actions of the vast majority of politicians.And it's not just about 42 days." - Kevyn Bodman

"Hero." - Verity

"I applaud Mr Davis. I think his message will resonate with all fair minded folk." - Full Steam Ahead

"He means every word and thats why they, the media, will rip him apart." - Emma

"More power to his elbow, say I. Let's hope his stand encourages a few more politicians to act on their principles.

"I'm fed up with unprincipled spin and spivery from both the major parties.

"Seems to me that the Tories elected the wrong leader. Understandable I suppose as they were so mesmerised by Bliar's apparent invincibility that they chose a clone.

"If DD were to leave the Tories and form a party I'd follow. He's a true leader, not a follower of focus groups like most of the rest of them." - wonderfulforhisage

"Davis is spot on. It's time to make a stand for our liberties against this evil, authoritarian, unaccountable, unelected Government." - Bishop Brennan

"When you read some of the posts here you realise how pathetic, self-centred and small-minded the elite of this society has become during the Labour years.

"Are you now so morally corrupted that you cannot see INTEGRITY when the real thing is before you. You make me sick.

"The man is a bloody hero - and you just cannot see it. Davis, may the FORCE be with you." - GiantRabbit

"We should expect, therefore, every attempt to be made by Labour and the Tories and their media surrogates to ignore this issue and the by-election.

"However, to all you Freedom Lovers I hold out one big hope. DD is a fighter and a hardened battle strategist so he will have anticipated this unholy alliance of Dave and Gordon, so the likes of d'Ancona, Finkelstein and the BBC might not be able to bury this issue quite as easily as Dave and Godrdon might wish." - TGF UKIP

2. From the Independent newspaper's blog site (IndyBlogs: Today in Politics: Why David Davis resigned) :

"At last an MP is standing for his principals of common sense and real issue of this anti terror law. Mr Davis should be commended for his action and more MP's should follow suit. Those that voted this 42 farce in should hang their heads in shame and those who caved in to bribes should have no place in politics at all." - John Finningham

"It's clearly impossible for any political columnist to imagine that any politician could act beyond party politics and on an issue of principle. Would such a columnist recognise an issue of principle if it were spelled out to him in words of one syllable? I doubt it.

"It is in part due to the moral vacuity of journalists that civil liberties in Britain have reached such a shockingly low state. Good on David Davis, I'd say, and I hope that once this New Labour government is obliterated at the next election it no longer has the opportunity to ruin the liberty of the individual, or British foreign policy, in my lifetime." - Neil Gardner

"I find it extraordinary that I find myself agreeing with every word spoken by a shadow cabinet member of the conservative party." - David Westbury

"Davis is not my cup of tea but large hats off to him for taking a principled stand." - David Knopfler

"God bless David Davis. This is an Englishman to be proud of. At long last. I shed a tear when I listened to his resignation speech and that's the first time a politican has ever done that.
Shame on those Labour MPs who sold us out for the career of an unelected Scotsman, who has no business to be meddling in English laws anyway.

"Magna Carta is almost 1,000 years old. Gordon Brown destroyed it in less than 1 year, with the willing assistance of his cronies. I will NEVER vote Labour for as long as I live. May they rot in the shadows forevermore.

"Go, David. Most of England will be singing your praises for this. Ignore the sniping media. They've never spoken for us anyway." - Hobgoblin


David Davis' statement; David Davis and the London Bombs.

From David Davis' statement ( Breaking news: David Davis' statement in full ) :

“Up until yesterday I took a view that what we did in the House of Commons representing our constituents was a noble endeavour because for centuries of forebears we defended the freedom of people. Well, we did, up until yesterday.

“This Sunday is the anniversary of Magna Carta, a document that guarantees the fundamental element of British freedom, habeas corpus. The right not to be imprisoned by the state without charge or reason.

“But yesterday this house allowed the state to lock up potentially innocent citizens for up to six weeks without charge.

"The Counter-terrorism Bill will, in all probability, be rejected by the House of Lords very firmly. After all, what should they be there for, if not to protect Magna Carta?

“But because this is defined as political, not security, the Government will be tempted to use the Parliament Act to overrule the Lords.

“It has no democratic mandate to do this since 42 days was not in its manifesto. Its legal basis is uncertain to say the least but, purely for political reasons, this Government is going to do that.

“Because the generic security argument relied on will never go away - technology, development complexity, and so on – we'll next see 56 days, 70 days, then 90 days.

“But in truth perhaps 42 days is the one most salient example of the insidious, surreptitious and relentless erosion of fundamental British freedom.

"And we will have shortly the most intrusive identity card system in the world. A CCTV camera for every 14 citizens, a DNA database bigger than any dictatorship has, with thousands of innocent children and millions of innocent citizens on it.

“We have witnessed an assault on jury trials, a bolt against bad law and its arbitrary use by the state.

“And shortcuts with our justice system, which will make our system neither firm nor fair and a creation of a database state opening up our private lives to the prying eyes of official snoopers and exposing our personal data to careless civil servants and criminal hackers.

“The state has security powers to clamp down on peaceful protest and so-called hate laws to stifle legitimate debate, whilst those who incite violence get off scot-free.

"This cannot go on, it must be stopped, and for that reason today I feel it is incumbent on me to take a stand.

“I will be resigning my membership of this House and I intend to force a by-election in Haltemprice and Howden.

“Now I will not fight it on the Government's general record. There's no point repeating Crewe and Nantwich.

“I won't fight it on my personal record – I am just a piece in this great chess game.

“I will fight it, I will argue this by-election against the slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms by this Government.

“Now, that may mean I have made my last speech to the House. It's possible. And of course that would be a cause of deep regret to me. But at least my electorate and the nation, as a whole, would have had the opportunity to debate and consider one of the most fundamental issues of our day.

“The ever-intrusive power of the state on our lives, the loss of privacy, the loss of freedom and a steady attrition undermining the rule of law. And if they do send me back here, it will be with a single, simple message – that the monstrosity of a law that we passed yesterday will not stand.”

On 1 May 2007, David davis wrote in The Times about the operations of the security service in the months and years before the London bombings on the July 7, 2005. (Tell us the truth about those 7/7 blunders David Davis - Times ...)

"The day before those bombings, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, told government whips that there was no specific threat on the horizon....

"After the bombing, the public were told by the Home Secretary that the attacks came 'out of the blue'.

"The security agencies briefed the press that the suicide bombers were 'clean skins', agency parlance for people not previously known to them.

"Now we know differently."


Result of the last election in Davis's constituency:

David Davis Conservative 22,792
Jon Neal Liberal Democrat 17,676
Edward Hart Labour ('fascist' party) 6,104



Photo of David Davis: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spunter/2311013332/

In the UK, the top conservative politician David Davis has resigned as an MP in order to highlight his opposition to the detention of terror suspects for 42 days without charge.

David Davis is to resign as shadow home secretary. ( David Davis to resign as shadow home secretary)

Mr Davis is also to stand down as an MP in Hull and call a constituency by-election to highlight the issue of the erosion of civil liberties in Britain.

He will then stand as a Conservative candidate again for the same seat, in the by-election set to be held on July 10.

He will campaign on the issue of civil liberties in the Hull area and throughout Britain.

On the issue of 42-day detention Mr Davis had to persuade Conservative Party leader David Cameron, and in particular his close political ally George Osborne, that the Conservative position should be steadfastly on the side of civil liberties and therefore opposing the 28 day limit being raised.

In June 2006 and 2007 George Osborne attended the annual Bilderberg Conference.[4][5]

Osborne should be kicked out of the Conservative Party and David Davis should become leader of the Conservative Party.


Lost top secret documents

Postman Patel, June 2008, (HMG give TOP SECRET documents to BBC to tell everyone that habeas corpus is dead and won't ever get up again) tells us:

Just as Gormless Gordon is fighting for his political life someone 'leaves behind on a train' a folder in a plain bright ORANGE envelope marked 'TOP SECRET' containing documents which are handed in to (Thank God) .... the BBC...

...so that Urban Myth and security expert Frank Gardner can tell us , on Newsnight, having had perhaps the mildest peek at these highly top secret documents that tell us ;

1. How terribly dreadful a threat Al Quaeda is to our children our Christian way of life, peace, security, western civilisation, trains running on time (although the ones from Luton don't always) , cats, dogs, Hazel Blears, .....

2. How corrupt, hopeless, whingeing, un Christian, grasping, dishonest, Muslim, deceitful, arabic, brown and bearded, untrustworthy , friends of the nuclear bombing Iranians, Syrans, the Iraqi Gubment is and how we must stay there forever even though maybe Al Quaeda (who are defeated in Iraq) spring up again.

So we had better lock people up for 42 days so we can find something to charge them with, even if it is only for Bed and Breakfast...

According to the Sunday Telegraph (Warning of 15-year fight against terror ), 8 July 2007, Britain's new terror minister, Admiral Sir Alan West, says the overall danger facing Britain, from both home-grown and foreign terrorists, is at its greatest ever level and that a new approach is badly needed to tackle it.

Sir Alan West calls on people to be 'a little bit un-British' and even inform on each other in an attempt to trap those plotting to take innocent lives.

West says Britain is now fighting 'a disparate core of people - based abroad primarily - whom I'm afraid are racist, they're bigoted, they seek power, they're avaricious in money terms and they talk of the caliphate.' ( aangirfan: Islamic Caliphate myth )

In 1986, Captain Alan West of the British navy removed secret documents from the Ministry of Defence 'without permission', carried them in his coat pocket when they should have been in a security briefcase, and then lost the documents. He 'failed to tell the MoD immediately of their loss'.

From 1989 to 1992 West was in charge of Naval Intelligence.

In 1997 West was appointed Chief of Defence Intelligence.

The 9 11 attacks took place on 11 September 2001.

In 2002, West was promoted to become head of the navy as First Sea Lord.

They're avaricious in money terms.

In 2006, West became Chairman of the QinetiQ Defence Advisory Board. Qinetiq is a defence technology company.

The privatisation of QinetiQ in 2002 was controversial. Qinetiq had previously been government owned.

In 2002 US private equity firm Carlyle took a 31% holding in QinetiQ for £42m.

The bin Laden family and the Bush family have had investments in the Carlyle Group.

Independent industry expert Francis Tusa, editor of the London-based newsletter Defence Analysis, said: "I can't imagine the US, Germany or France selling off the crown jewels like this, can you? There is an awful lot of specialist knowledge and it has come from public money - defence contracts." ( Labour has £1bn defence float in its sights Whitehall Guardian ... )

They're avaricious in money terms.

Admiral Sir Alan West is Gordon Brown's security minister.


Indonesia's Problems


In Indonesia, the rich are getting fatter and the poor are getting thinner.

The Indonesian president is a former general who worked for Suharto.

Members of the rich elite are promoting fundamentalism as a way of keeping themselves in power.

Duncan Graham, on 11 June 2008, wrote about FACING INDONESIA'S PROBLEMS CLEARLY / Indonesia's extended pre-adolescence.

Graham lists Indonesia's problems:

1. "Xenophobia is on the rise ... Religious intolerance is destroying places of worship and putting dissidents in jail. For most pluralism is a myth."

2. "Indonesia has more than 40 million unemployed and under-employed."

3. "The gap between the haves and have-nots is obvious, ugly and an awful threat to internal stability."

4. "The government continues to ignore its constitutional duty to spend 20 per cent of income on education. An estimated six million children don’t go to school and 1.5 million teachers are said to be unqualified. Indonesian education is way behind other Asian countries and slipping fast."

5. There are "badly run and poorly maintained transport systems."

6. There is "an unreformed bureaucracy."

7. There is "a corroded legal system."

8. All these factors "make doing business a continuous struggle. Claims for economic growth need to be considered sceptically: Indonesian statistics are notoriously elastic... "

9. "Corruption has grown since Suharto fell."

10. "Indonesian literature and film is still decades behind the rest of the world."

11. "The Indonesian army has long been used as a political police force suppressing internal separatists; if stories from closed West Papua are true the force is being applied with brutality and demands exposure."


Jakartass reminds us of some history:

26th October 2004 - "Following the trashing of bars by the self-styled Islam Defenders Front (FPI), it was reported that the National Police had yet to ‘interrogate’ any of the thugs. A full eye-witness account of the intimidation and extortion that occurred on Friday night was posted by the Reveller on Jakarta BlokM."

27th January 2005 - "According to reports, the leader of an anti-corruption watchdog devoted to exposing crimes by state officials has been arrested in Aceh province for improper handling of aid intended for tsunami victims. Farid Faqih, chairman of Government Watch (GOWA), and three members of the radical Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI) were arrested on yesterday evening on suspicion of violating procedures in the storage and use of aid."

3rd August 2005 - "Indonesia's reputation as a bastion of moderate, tolerant Islam has been cast in doubt after the nation's ulemas council (MUI) issued 11 fatwas banning liberal Islamic thought, religious pluralism, inter-faith marriage, inter-faith prayers led by non-Muslims and women leading prayers attended by men."


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fascism and Gordon Brown


In the UK, Herr Gordon Brown, with the help of the DUP (Northern Irish extremists), has won the vote on 42 day detention, with a majority of just nine votes.

The vote was 315 to 306. (Gordon Brown wins 42 day detention vote)

Mohammad Sarwar ( aangirfan: Tony Blair's Labour Party and Glasgow gangsters...), the Labour MP for Glasgow Govan, decided to back the government.

The UK Labour Party has long had links to fascism.

Gordon Brown?

Oswald Mosley joined the Labour Party.

In October 1927 Mosley was elected to the party's National Executive Committee. When Ramsay MacDonald formed his Labour Government after the 1929 General Election, he appointed Mosley as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Oswald Mosley (16 November 18963 December 1980) was the founder of the British Union of Fascists.


UK Hospitals

Is Obama secretly Jewish?

Is Obama secretly Jewish?

Alex Lantier, at WSWS, 11 June 2008, wrote that 'At AIPAC, Obama outlines a policy shift to defend US, Israeli interests.'

On 4 June 2008, Obama spoke to AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

According to Lantier, Obama, in his speech to AIPAC, 'made clear his commitment to the defense of ... Israeli imperialist interests.'

Obama appeared to support Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians.

Obama stated:

1. “We know the establishment of Israel was just and necessary..."

2. "60 years later, we know that we cannot relent, we cannot yield, and as president I will never compromise when it comes to Israel’s security.”

3. “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

Obama's speech seemed to suggest he is working for Israel.

4. Obama supported the policy of refusing to negotiate with the elected Hamas government in the Gaza Strip.

5. Obama promised to continue to send massive amounts of US military aid to Israel, “ensuring Israel’s qualitative military advantage.” He would guarantee $30 billion in assistance to Israel over the next decade.

6. Obama stated: “We will use all elements of American power to pressure Iran.... This starts with aggressive, principled, tough diplomacy without self-defeating preconditions, but with a clear-eyed understanding of our interests.”

Obama stated he would “always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel... If we must use military force, we are more likely to succeed, and will have far greater support at home and abroad, if we have exhausted our diplomatic efforts. That is the change we need in our foreign policy.”

As an example of the sort of deal he might propose to Iran, Obama said: “We will present a clear choice. If you abandon your dangerous nuclear program, your support for terror, and your threats to Israel, there will be meaningful incentives—including the lifting of sanctions and political and economic integration with the international community. If you refuse, we will ratchet up the pressure.”

Lantier writes: "Obama has long supported redeploying US troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and taking a harder line on neighboring Pakistan—both countries on Iran’s eastern border. Such moves would strengthen the US military encirclement of Iran and place US forces athwart the land routes connecting Iran to its main trading partners in Asia."


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The terrorists who escape from prison.


1. On 27 February 2008, alleged terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre, in Singapore.

The detention centre has armed guards, high wire fences and CCTV cameras. Singapore is a country where "security breaches are virtually unheard of",[18][19]

Kastari is the suspected Singapore leader of the Southeast Asian 'terrorist network' Jemaah Islamiyah.

Jemaah Islamiyah has been blamed for bombings that killed 202 people, mostly foreign tourists, on Indonesia's Bali island in 2002. (Singapore detention center officials sacked over terror leader's ... / A PERFECT HIDING PLACE)

Singapore authorities have alleged that Kastari planned to crash seven bomb-filled trucks at various locations around Singapore.[2]

In January 2006, Kastari was arrested by Indonesian anti-terror squads in Java and deported to Singapore.

He was suspected of plotting to bomb Singapore Changi Airport in 2002,[3] and, according to the Singapore Police Force, he had initially planned to do so by crashing a plane into the airport.[2]

However, Kastari has never been formally charged with any terrorism-related offences;[4] instead, he was detained under the country's Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite detention without trial.[5]

Uss Cole

2. Rashid Rauf, British 'terrorist mastermind' of the alleged plot to blow up at least 10 transatlantic airliners, escaped from custody. -Top British terror suspect escapes

3. Jamal al-Badawi was convicted in 2004 of planning and carrying out the USS Cole bombing.

He escaped from prison in 2004.

In October 2007, al-Badawi, after pledging loyalty to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has been told that he is a free man. ( http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21480392/ )

4. Omar Al-Faruq was described as being the mastermind of the Bali bomb plot.

Al-Faruq was arrested in Bogor on June 5, 2002 and handed over to the US authorities.

Former Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board (BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang was quoted by Tempo as saying that Al-Faruq was most likely a CIA-recruited agent. Omar Al-Faruq Recruited by The CIA

A Pentagon official in Washington has confirmed that al-Faruq escaped from a U.S. detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan, on 10 July 2005. (Pakistan News Service - PakTribune)

5. Haroon Rashid Aswat was described as being the mastermind of the 7 July London bombings.

The authorities stated that Aswat had made mobile telephone calls to two of the 7 July bombers. ('Batley man' linked to bin Laden and bombers - Yorkshire Evening Post)

After Aswat was handed over to the UK police, Scotland Yard police headquarters said, on 7 August 2005, that detectives were not interested in speaking to Aswat about the London attacks. ( http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=13913208)

Reportedly, Aswat worked for MI6.

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