Monday, May 05, 2008


Fascists and Jews united for Rome mayor

Calm in Turkey after May Day clashes in major cities

"For a long time, Manila has been the main station, if not the regional headquarters, of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for Southeast Asia.

"Among the most prominent CIA fronts in Manila is the Asia Foundation." - Equipo Nizkor - Covert Operations and the CIA's Hidden History in the Philippines.

"The trafficking and prostitution of teenagers is generally tolerated. The authorities issue the operating permits and licenses. All efforts to expose and rescue the children are blocked with government noncooperation...

"Child prostitution and sex slavery, both illegal, are lucrative businesses that the big politicians do not want to end." - The sexual enslavement of children

"The only time he had ever told anyone in authority what had happened to him – his probation officer back in Jersey in 1995 – nothing had been done, so far as he knew. He had never heard another word about it. Not from his probation officer, who was David Trott, nor anyone else." - Within these walls: the Jersey childcare scandal

Peres: I'm not in favor of a military strike on Iran

MI6 chief visits Mossad for talks on Iran's nuclear threat

Highest-ever SNP poll rating after year in power


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