Friday, May 23, 2008


"Clinics have responded to demand from teenage boys to look more like girls by posting Internet advertisements offering castration for as little as 4,000 baht (63 pounds)." - Thailand bans cosmetic castration - International Herald Tribune

The UK Conservative Party has won the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, beating Gordon Brown's Labour Party.

Edward Timpson (Conservative) 20,539 votes +16.93%
Tamsin Dunwoody (Labour) 12,679 votes -18.29%)
Elizabeth Shenton (Liberal Democrat) 6,040 votes -4.03%)

"Voters in this old railway town in Britain's industrial Midlands sent a powerful message to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the governing Labor Party on Thursday, electing a Conservative candidate by a wide margin in a parliamentary constituency that had been a Labor bastion for decades." - Tory wins Labor bastion, in blow to Britain's Brown

Scotland poll: "Applying the figures to the Electoral Calculus projection shows the SNP winning 23 seats in Scotland, compared to Labour’s 21, 8 for the Lib Dems, and 7 for the Tories." - Poll study puts SNP in Westminster lead

Indonesia to raise fuel prices by 28.7 per cent: report

Greek Cypriots concerned Turkey opposes Cyprus reunification...

Concern at Lockerbie lawyer bid

Another twist in controversy surrounding Lockerbie trial

Analysis: An attempt to break the Iranian-Syrian alliance

Baha Mousa public inquiry means little

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