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Top British Jews


The Jewish Chronicle has produced its second annual list of those who wield the greatest influence on British Jewry, as chosen by readers and a panel 'representing all strands of community life'. (JC Power 100: Sacks stays on top, as new names emerge)

The Egyptian-born businessman Sir Ronald Cohen, who bankrolled Gordon Brown's leadership bid, is number 39.

David Miliband, the foreign secretary, is number 51. He is praised for hosting the first Chanukah party at the Foreign Office. "The list also approvingly notes of his 'growing Jewish identity' and predicts his star will rise." ( No Sugar in Jewish power list)

Photo of Jonathan Sacks from

The top of the list:

1. Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks (who appears regularly on BBC radio).

Sacks tends to defend Israel and criticise the Palestinians.

On Iraq he said he would support military action under certain conditions.

He is not sympathetic to homosexual groups.

Jonathan Freedland talks to Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks World ... / Jonathan Sacks: Defender of the faith - People, News - The Independent


2. Gerald Ronson (Heron property empire).

"Ronson became known in the UK as one of the "Guinness Four" for his part in the Guinness share-trading fraud of the 1980s, along with Ernest Saunders and occasional business associates Jack Lyons and Anthony Parnes.

"He was convicted in August 1990 of one charge of conspiracy, two of false accounting, and one of theft, and was fined £5 million and given a one-year jail sentence." - Gerald Ronson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blair and Cameron

3. Trevor Pears (businessman and philanthropist)

"One of Conservative leader David Cameron's new breed of business backers is a millionaire landlord who has been accused of using ruthless tactics against tenants.

"Trevor Pears, 42, whose family owns 15,000 properties, is alleged to be driving out small shops in favour of supermarkets and forcing out tenants through legal loopholes...

"In 1996 in Hackney, east London... residents, who included pensioners on housing benefit, said they faced rent increases of up to 300%." - Controversial landlord is Cameron cash backer Politics The ...

No Sugar in Jewish power list

Only one in six of UK's richest men is paying any income tax the ...


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