Thursday, May 22, 2008


"The researcher, Boris Borisov, in his article titled 'The American Famine' estimated the victims of the financial crisis in the US at over seven million people." - Famine killed 7 million people in USA



On 19 January 1980, the International Herald Tribune reported that the Shah had said, two years before he was overthrown, that he had heard from two different sources connected with oil companies that the regime in Iran would change.

‘We believe that there was a plan to ensure less oil was offered to the world markets in order to bring about a price,’ said the Shah. ‘One country was to be chosen for the sacrifice... It seems that the country chosen to drop its oil production was mine.’ - webgardian: Shah:Oil Companies Helped to Oust Him

aangirfan: 'The overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the CIA and MI6'

Josef Fritzl enjoyed romps with teenage rent-boys, transsexual hookers

Lotfi Raissi: "THE British government has lost its court battle against a ruling that allowed an Algerian pilot wrongly accused of training the '9/11' hijackers to claim compensation, his lawyer said overnight.

"Ministers were refused leave to appeal to Britain's highest court over a lower court ruling on February 27 that Lotfi Raissi was entitled to seek damages for his wrongful arrest and imprisonment, said Jules Carey. The decision means Mr Raissi, who is trained to fly Boeing 737 jets, could now see him paid millions of dollars in compensation for lost earnings, the lawyer said." - UK denied appeal in Algerian '9/11' case / Algerian demands 'long-awaited' apology from Jack Straw over arrest

"Lotfi Riassi - Home Office appeal against compensation thrown out by House of Lords - War criminal Jack Straw exposed as a despot and a fucking liar"

Banks Rights Issue - Failure will give Mervyn the Moron a nasty jolt

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