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Jaipur Bombs; Gas Pipeline; Nuclear deal


Who gains from the May 2008 bombs in Jaipur in India?

Who wants to turn Indians against Iran and Pakistan and make Indians more friendly with the USA and Israel?

Iran's President Mahmud Ahmadinejad visited India in April 2008.

1. "Ahmadinejad's visit is perhaps the first time that the Congress-party led New Delhi government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has stood up to the United States on Iran". (Asia Times India raises a toast to Iran)

2. "The India-US civilian nuclear deal is almost dead due to domestic Indian political opposition." (India raises a toast to Iran)

3. Indian Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon now says the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is "doable". (India raises a toast to Iran)

Gas from Iran?

The awamibharat blog looks at the bombs in Jaipur, India, May 2008, (AWAMI BHARAT: Jaipur Serial Terror Attack) and makes the following points:

1. The bombs come "on the eve of major global demonstrations against the Zionist Apartheid State of Israel."

Thus the media can refer to "Muslim Terrorism" rather than opposition to Zionist Israel.

2. The Mumbai terror attacks of July 11, 2006 were on the very same day that Israel launched its war on Lebanon.

3. The terror attack on the Sankat Mochan Mandir in Varanasi (7th March 2006) came 5 days after the demonstrations and protests against the visit of Bush to India on May 2, 2006.

"The terror attack proved very useful to counter the growing unity of the Indian masses against US-Zionist imperialism."

4. The terror attacks in Hyderabad (2007) were related to the issue of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.

The fate of the Congress led UPA government was at stake.

5. Every terror attack "pushes the Indian people into the waiting arms of George Bush and Ehud Olmert, who thrive in promoting terror.

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In October 2007, the investigative newsmagazine Tehelka reported on the Tehelka Gujarat riots sting :

1. Several Hindu nationalist (Sangh) leaders explain on camera how they planned a massive massacre of Moslems.


2. The involvement of the Chief minister of Gujarat (Modi) is revealed.

3. The complicity of the police is revealed.

4. The connivance of the judiciary is revealed.

Frontline India ( Action replay) commented:

"Yet, no action has followed one of the most explosive news investigations in India.

"None of those caught on tape boasting about raping, burning and hacking Muslims have been arrested or even interrogated.

"Modi’s authority has not been questioned.

"Instead, there is an eerie silence. Far more eerie than the cold-blooded murders of more than 1,000 innocent people during the communal massacres of March 2002.

"The role of the Modi government in the State-sponsored terrorism of 2002 is well documented. Even the Supreme Court had censured Modi for being 'a modern day Nero who watched while Gujarat burned'.

"Now, the Tehelka tapes offer irrefutable proof of how the Sangh (Hindu nationalists) organised a 'Hindu jihad' across Gujarat and protected the murderers."

(Tehelka comment -Does Anything)


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